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Positive MOOD Week – Less than 48 hours and positivity building

Wow, just less than 48 hours to go and the positivity is building for the big and vital game.

RUMOUR : A possible forward target that is BIG news (Is it Bent) and Ireland to Sunderland

It seems on Villatalk they got very excited over something MYSTERYMAN has said.

Houllier – Makoun ‘on the way’ & Carew in Squad for Blues, Benzema

Some words from Houllier at today’s Pre Match Press Conference which is currently ongoing

SPECULATION : Makoun – we did not offer enough wages but MEDICAL and no deal

This time L’Equipe has said we have offered not enough wages.

UPDATE on MAKOUN, still in FRANCE but deal still ON

From and reports Makoun is training for Lyon today but no indication the deal is OFF though.

Derby Day Preview & Warning For ‘Houllier Out’ fans

Preview from regular contributor ‘villaman42’ the last paragraph I disagree with but will be irrelevant as a victory is assured !

A letter from DAMP Queensland

A letter from the wet ….. from QLDVILLAN, good luck with the weather mate !


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