The End of the DREAM

When Michel Platini confirmed yesterday the UEFA spending rules would go ahead and the group of big clubs agreed that was the end of the dream for us.

When Randy joined with MON we saw a chance with Randy’s money of breaking the elite group of the top 4 and bring CL football to VP for the first time. However when UEFA first put about the rule to restrict sugar daddies, that was the day Randy closed the pay cheque because simply we could never compete with those rules.

As Adam2003 on VT said he got this spot on

One point: it makes it harder for anyone to crack into the top, as the most successful clubs will have the most money. But it does take the advantage away from sugar daddies and clubs spending beyond their means.

That is us !!

No wonder the big clubs supported the Platini moves it fixed in their positions for good, it meant no more Man City, no more little Villa’s having our dreams it was over.

This is positive MOOD week for me and what has helped is the realisation this week we are a mid table club. Who may get decent cup runs once in a while but we can now never compete for the top 4 and I think everyone at Villa accepts that.

This is now the realism of modern football.

It is why Milner left (yes money helped !!), it is why Young will leave because we will never generate the revenues needed to pay the required wage bill for a top 4 challenging club.

We had better get used to that because any talk from Villa in any way of CL football is just foolish and misleading rubbish.

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65 comments on “The End of the DREAM

  1. Is positive mood week over yet? I hate it!

  2. I think Randy spent so much time deciding on a manager because he wants to adopt the Arsene Wenger approach to management. For this reason i can see why Houllier was chosen. I think these rules do favour us……but we need to get on with things, get down the ground each week, buy our season tickets (Still one of the lowest priced out there), support the club in its many endeavors. After all i think the best people to increase the profile of a club is the fans themselves.

    I didnt like Doug the Head as much as anybody else as he lacked ambition but he knew sustainability. Randy knows sustainability and does have the ambition, plus already has a knowledge of a draft based transfer system and salary caps.

    I think we will be fine.

    • Concur with you on believing that Lerner wishes to adopt the Arsenal method, hence the appointment of Houllier.

      • so do I, the big difference is that Wenger’s record totally pisses on Houllier’s in this case.

        Wenger DID pick up the real bright young French players, he did pick up the Fabregas’s of the world and he had the invincible team !

        Houllier picked Cisse, Heskey, Le Tallec, Pongolle and plenty of young failed French lads.

        You can not repluicate what Arsene has done, only he could do that but in these times with little money then if Randy has given up funding for players and wages little else he could pick.

        • I don’t think Houilliers record in terms of what he has won is much different than Wengers?

          And all managers make bad signings, Sir Alex Ferguson signed Demba-Demba! Besides, Heskey scored 18 goals for him that season, he was an excellent signing at the time and be fair some of his better signings:

          Riise, Hypia, McCallister, Anelka, Pjanic and he has bought Gerrard, Carrager, Benzema, Loic Remy and Ben Afra though his various youth set-ups. So not all bad.

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