SPECULATION : Carew turns down Blues & Collins and Warnock in swap for Samba

Very quiet night for speculation tonight, just the people with these two stories.

The first story claims that Carew has agreed to join Blues on loan but then turned it down on the fear of a Villa fans backlash.


The second one is that the report that Blackburn are interested in a Warnock and James Collins swap move for Samba, this has been rumoured for a while now.

9 comments on “SPECULATION : Carew turns down Blues & Collins and Warnock in swap for Samba

  1. Is Samba worth BOTH Collins and Warnock? Shows how stupid we were to let Cahill go [without a fat sell-on clause].

    • When will people move on from “Why did we sell Cahill?” If he’d stayed for another 6 months then after Lauren’s injury he may well still be a regular first team player, but HE wanted to move.

      As for Samba being worth both Collins and Warnock no he probably isn’t but we HAVE to make a signing so we’ll be paying over the top

  2. Truly ridiculous article

  3. Carew story is rubbish but I think the 2nd would make sense. Warnock has been so bad this year and looks like one of those that doesn’t want to play and Collings was a dreadful signing and is no where near as good as Carlos. I think Samba would be a perfect fit and if this is on offer I’d snap Blackburn’s hand off.

  4. Collins a dreadful signing?????? Dunne can be a liability with his lapses of concentration- give me Collins over Dunne any day!

  5. collins a dreadfull signing?? behave mate.

  6. collins has been better than dunne for sure so to write him off is nonsense. samba is the same type of player, would swap dunne for him any day of the week. warnock has had a shocking season but i suppose when the club sells ur direct competition for the 1st team left back slot, o’halloran, bouma and shorey its easy to play poor knowing there is noone to come in too take your place. heard we are getting bridge on loan, could be the kick up the arse that warnock needs. also on the defence front, not sure how old the story is but i am hearing whispers of a swap deal with liverpool, agger for steve ireland. thoughts???

  7. Collins and Dunne were arguably one of the best centre back combos in the league last year. They don’t become bad over the summer. The problem here is the manager. Simple.

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