Natural Born Predators, and then there are forwards. Which have Villa got

Another post from ardentvilla asking where is our natural goal predator ?

A real natural predator knows where the goal is with his eyes shut. He’s quite selfish and will be the first to grab the ball when the ref points to the spot because he wants to SCORE. He’ll often get hurt trying to score headers, and is just as likely to put the opposition defenders on a stretcher when they get in his way. Think of Alan Shearer..

I’ve seen a few of these characters in claret&blue over the years-Ray Graydon, Andy Gray, Peter Withe, Gary Shaw, Allan McInally, just to mention just a few. More recently we’ve had Stan Collymore, Dean Saunders and Dion Dublin – all of whom were ‘questionable’ in some respects [either past their best by the time they arrived at VP , such as Deano, or still having something to prove such as Dion] but undeniably knew how to score and weren’t afraid to mix it in the opposition area.

Problem is, today we have ‘forwards’ like Agbonlahor, Heskey and Carrew – but are any of these guys actually predators? Which one of them ever wants to take a penalty, just to add to their personal goal tally? Which one is going to get stuck-in and mix it in the box with the likes of Samba, Bramble, etc.? Which one can actually find the net more often than the roof of the Holte?

IMO the answer is none of them. One goal per four or five appearances doesn’t a predator make. So do we have a real hungry goal-grabber somewhere in Kevin Mac’s class of 2011 who can score every second or third game?

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39 comments on “Natural Born Predators, and then there are forwards. Which have Villa got

  1. I do believe Villa could do with a Predator.. but yet again all teams are after these sort of players!!

    D Saunders [the resposible why iam a Villa fan] and D York a couple years after that are the closest wev had to a predator, during those seasons Villa never had a goal draught.. since then only player i remember Villa signing that can be described as a predator is Luc Nilis – again we all know how short his Villa career lasted😦

    I guess we will have to be conform with what we have rite now as i see us in no position of attracting a ‘goal predator’ any time soon..


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