Do NOT PANIC, easier said than done

‘ardentvilla’ posted this in the comments and deserves a wider audience.

I’ve been reading stuff on this site for a year or so now, and never felt the need to post a comment until tonight. Just for the record I’ve been a Villa fan for a long time – in fact started watching them around the time Tommy Docherty was manager – and that includes being in some very small ‘crowds’ at VP down in the old 3rd Division. Anyway, Jonvilla’s post tonight, [and most of the supporting replies] is the most sensible thing I’ve read here or anywhere else regarding the club’s current plight. For what it’s worth I’d just like to add half a dozen of my own opinions into the mix:

1 Much as I disliked the guy, DOL [-aka “Dildo” as I still think of him – ] was right: we are pretty fickle. Apart from the current venom and hysteria in some quarters, just look at our attendences over the last 4 or 5 seasons. You can’t fund a ‘top 4’ team on average crowds of less than 40,000, especially with the imminent new rules regarding wages as a proportion of revenue. Citeh and Chelski will both have a problem here as well – although some creative accounting can go a long way- but while they’re doing well one can draw home crowds of >45,000 and the other > 41,000 for almost EVERY game [@at far higher ticket prices than Villa fans would ever pay, btw].

2 It sometimes seems that even if we were about to sign 3/4 first-team regulars from each of Real/Barca/Inter, some Villa fans [especially on this site] would moan that they ‘weren’t good enough’ or ‘over rated’ or ‘too old’; let’s get real: a club that has wasted their last few Euro campaigns before they’ve even started properly, which hasn’t won anything for 14+ years, and which is hardly likely to finish this time higher than mid-table at best, isn’t going to get first choice players [unless of course you expect RL to do a Citeh and throw unlimited £’s at them]. We have to grow our own and hope we can keep them together long enough to gel into a proper winning team. I think that we’re actually closer to that aim today than we were a year ago. A few temporary additions to mature the crop should be welcomed, wherever they come from.

3 Yes, Randy Lerner has made mistakes. Prime one seemingly to have allowed MON to blow so many millions on a bunch of very average players , many who never really got a game but have collected big pay cheques every week for 2-3 seasons. But overall, can any of you name a Villa chairman/shareholder who’s done more for this club? [ & William McGregor was a century ago, so he won’t count!!]

4 MON betrayed all of us – club, players, fans by walking out when he did. With hindsight he should have done the decent thing and gone at the end of 2009/10, or even a season earlier. No forgiveness for that, ever, as far as I’m concerned.

5 Yes, GH has made mistakes – it seems as if he’s panicked in the last two games and fielded MON’s teams [out of position] again. And looking at Pires’ comments all over the press tonight, bringing that tosser here was a major mistake as well [should have learnt from the French World Cup fiasco!].

6 Given the almost constant criticism and vitriol he’s had to take from some fans, the press, and players/their agents, it’s hardly suprising that GH is panicking. Give the man time to do what he came to do.

I’m deeply embarassed to look at the current league table, but it’s only the start of January; panic is no use to anyone.

Anyone claiming to be a Villa fan at the moment should prove it – support your club, and that includes the manager, whether you agree with every move they make or not. The alternative is just chaos and disintegration.

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33 comments on “Do NOT PANIC, easier said than done

  1. Just how many people has DOL caused to misunderstand the word fickle. Please just look it up in a dictionary. You can change your mind without being fickle. That idiot DOL got the meaning wrong and now everyone just accepts his definition of the word Arrgggghhhhh!

  2. Also, this a fansite!!!! I can rant, whine, sulk, cheer and reveal my upmost inner secrets if I choose to!

    It only gets really real when you can actually get face to face with someone (and then I’d bottle it and ask for an autograph)!

    Cheer at the ground, then whine on the blogs…..

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  4. In any definition of the word, DOL was right. We are fickle. In fact, we are renowned for it. Don’t let it get to you. Its just part of the culture of being a villa fan, just as much as unbearable arrogance is at United, soppy sentimentalism is at Anfield and small-minded persecution is at the Blues.

  5. SMALL HEATH are close to deals for Bentley and Keane! whats going on, if we want “the city to be ours” we need to step it up a bit!

  6. We have to panic with that inept fool in charge, we are watching our club slowly declining in front of our eyes with possibly the worst manager we have ever had.

    I think we should be aloud to kick up a fuss and panic until he is removed from his position.

  7. RE SMALL HEATH – and Miller

  8. Re: 4.

    What utter rubbish, “MON betrayed us”, by guiding us to three consecutive 6th place finishes. Do you actually remember where we were when he walked into the club? It’s easy for the current administration to blame MON because it removes any responsibility for where we find ourselves today, and the mistake they have made appointing Houllier. But it’s starting to wear a little bit thin now, but in five years time when we’re in the third division you’ll still be chanting your mantra “it’s all MON’s fault’.

    Nobody knows what really happened, and why MON walked out of the club, as we have only had one side of the story. Until then perhaps it’s a little premature to assasinate somebodies character openly on a website.

    The final paragraph “Anyone claiming to be a Villa fan”, well I would say anyone claiming to be a Villa fan should be challenging what is going on at the club and the mistakes that are being made, and not just swallowing the PR nonsense coming out of the club. We are in real danger of losing our place in the Premier League, and I feel more than “deeply embarassed” about the current plight of the club.

    You say the alternative is chaos and disintegration, well that’s what we have now under Houllier, credible stories coming out of the club speak of a rift between the players and manager.

    So if it’s okay with you, I’ll continue to shout, moan, complain, whinge and gripe at every opportunity. Call me fickle if you like, but where is your passion, your ambition for the club.


  9. We are fickle , the worst fans in the league , apart from maybe Liverpool fans . What half decent player in his right mind would want to come and play in front of that shit ? Its bad enough when you get bollocked by your old man on a sturday afternoon . Its time to get behind our boys and show GH some respect , his record at least deserves that . Save the abuse for the previous incumbant who shafted us !

  10. We are fickle , the worst fans in the league , apart from maybe Liverpool fans . What half decent player in his right mind would want to come and play in front of that shit ? Its bad enough when you get bollocked by your old man on a sturday afternoon . Its time to get behind our boys and show GH some respect , his record at least deserves that . Save the abuse for the previous incumbant who shafted us ! !

    • Man Utd fans are the most annoying, i went to a friends house who is a UTD fan to watch a game once, house was full of them. Utd were playing someone who were not Aston Villa.

      Utd scored I then had ten lads cheering in my face and singing songs about how shit we were, even when i tried to explain I was not a supporter of said team they still struggled to cope and deal with my logic.

      My friends are normal reasonable people but i have since learnt that when UTD are playing stay away as they become possessed by a hillbilly spirit

  11. Oops that blog post didnt go down too well🙂

  12. After all said and done, panicking will not help anyone. It’s time that we all as Villa fans accept that GH is staying whether we like it or not. I happen to be in the minority on that issue, as I believe he will turn things around.

    Division will only serve to destroy moral. It seems to me that causing division is a job for the media, let’s not help them! Now is time for everyone to pull together and get behind the team, manager and board.

  13. Why is Pires a tosser?

  14. I have read some pure shite in my time, but you lot take the biscuit…..I am a Villa fan all my life, watching the likes of Andy Lochead and Willie Anderson back in the old 3rd Division…Them players who were proud to put on a Villa shirt are the real MEN…there is too much money and power in the hands of these so called superstars..a manager, whoever he is can only pick a team…its up to the players to show that they are passionate enough to play for OUR CLUB not theirs….They will come and go once they have drained the pockets of everyone who supports them…We have foriegn managers coming in from all 4 corners of the world who wouldn’t know Villa from a back water club in Afganistan…..Lets get football local again…Lets get the pride back into playing for a club like Villa…M.O.N. tried that with keeping the bulk of his squad British and I commend him for that……I truely believe we should go back to M.O.N. WITH CAP IN HAND and try and convince him to come back…….Terry

  15. It is just so easy to make decisions for other people. The reason for this is that you don’t actually have to make those decisions. Spending other peoples money is easy too. All RL has to do is sack GH along with compensation payment. Appoint a new miracle worker on a fat salary. Spend a fortune on the worlds best talent (who of course are dying to play for Villa…never mind, just pay them massive wages so they don’t care about that). Then everything is fine.
    Most of the people who comment about sacking the manager, protesting, booing the manager and the players because “I love this club” need a dose of reality. Like it or not, RL owns the club. That gives him the right to do with it whatever he pleases. You all have the right to dip into your savings and buy it off him. Then you can make those easy decisions and spend all those millions. Can’t afford it? Just borrow it. Then you’re spending someone elses money which is much easier

  16. Well said David!

  17. Hodgson has left Liverpool by muual agreement….

    Think where will MON rear his ugly head…. say good bye to Young on that note too!!!

  18. Excellent article mate and very true.

  19. I blame MON, i used to support him but now feel he is a fraud who is incapable of doing a deal in the transfer market.

    GH will sort the team out, our biggest problem is the full back position in the transfer window he has addressed that, our next problem is winning the ball in midfield and distributing it correctly that is being addressed with a new signing coming in the next week.

    Our biggest problem which has been since MON took over is a lack of an out and out striker that will also be addressed.

    I think the sale of Barry and then MIlner has damaged the team, I am not sure if you have been to VP in recent years but i know that when either was out of the team we struggled and looked like a championship side.

    Our problems are deep rooted and they are being looked into, GH is a clever manager, the bridge deal will see us get an international player for £2m, rather than fork out on a player(warnock) for £7m, then add on to that £40-£60k a week in wages totalling £15m or more in costs on a player who is losing us games.

    This transfer window is gonna be interesting!

    GH will leave the club in a healthier state than he found it and i am convinced he will bring our first trophy back next season

    PS Pires you have failed to make an impact, shouting your mouth off in the media will not change that fact

    • Morgan I so hope you are right and I am wrong….I think GH is living off past glories and really hasn’t a clue now how to run a football team…..I watched the game against Sunderland….if as you say GH is such a clever man, then WHY was it that he waited until the 89th minute to try and recapture a point…why did he not take off Ashey and Gabby against Chelsea when they were both clearly unable to continue…..Terry

      • We were unlucky, and nobody has mentioned how Collins played out of his skin, ran back for a goal line clearance.

        That one act in the game told me the players are getting it that GH may come accross as a soft mild mannered frenchman, but he takes no shit from anyone.

        I am trying to find a link where the spice boys used to play up to him and then in a dressing down he made Paul Ince the ring leader look stupid, Ince was later sold and then Liverpool went onto a treble. He then built a team that Benitez gained a lot of glory from.

        Our players are one trick ponies, but this is my view and i could be proven wrong, if he sacked tom he would still leave a legacy of excellent youth players being given a chance, this is something no previous manager in the last 20 years have done.

        He won the treble whilst playing his weakened team, spotted Gerrard, Carragher, Hyppia, resurrected GMac’s career, built the world cup winning squad. Won the title in France, found Mo Diarra amongst many other players who LYon have sold.

        The man is a genius and Villa fans need to realise that he has taken a step down not us.

        • Apologies if my posts are mispelt or dont make sense but i have 3 children running in and out of the room telling tales arguing and taking the piss😉

  20. I have read the article and all the comments. what comes to mind is this.

    At the end of the day this squad is a top 6 standard team. if a manager is doing his job correctly, we should be looking to finish top 6, and if you are a MON hater then higher as he was shit?
    answer me this.
    would we be in this league position if MON was still here? – no.
    if sir Alex was in change would we be doing so badly? – no.
    a good manager gets teams playing to there best, is GH doing that? – no.

    all players on every prem team are overpaid pre Madonnas, thats why they need a manager!
    sometimes things just don’t work for a manager, he has to go.

    • SAF was nearly sacked in his first season, all the fans wanted him sacked, could not understand his philosophy. He had players playing up and going out on the piss, nobody was showing him respect. The rest is history change comes at a price

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