SSN – Houllier not popular with senior players

Pete Colley just on Sky Sports News out side Bodymoor Heath has just commented.

Senior source within the club said Houllier is not a popular figure with the senior players.

Well this is hardly news but the first time the mainstream press have said this and Houllier can not simply not play those he does not want to, in our situation you have to use all the resources. It would also be impossible to shift every single player not happy with him, the disruption in the winter plus the impossibility of it makes that impossible.

Further update on the rumours yesterday from VT

The latest line from the club I’m hearing is that Houllier rejected the opportunity to step down

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78 comments on “SSN – Houllier not popular with senior players

  1. And anybody who watches the games can see that he barely gets up out of his chair. He does not do any managing at all. He needs to get out of the way and let someone manage.

  2. […] The latest line from the club I’m hearing is that Houllier rejected the opportunity to step down This entry was posted in Aston Villa Blogs, News. Bookmark the permalink. […]

  3. Time For Big Sam To Get Us Out The S**t I Think

  4. kevin you loser. dont ever link large sams name with our club. do you really want to see boltons old style pre coyle and blackburns style at vp. what a terrible sobering thought. as for those lerner out idiots. replace him with who? everton havent been bought out and blackburn were bought out by chicken herders. have some sense before you try to engage any brain cells.

    its about having a shrewd, far reaching scouting network and about bringing top young players through. look at barca and arsenal. we have the youth system, we now need the signings and in fofana et al – gh is showing he knows his stuff. give him time and judge him after at least 1 season. he might just get rid of alot of overpaid crap with poor resale value signed by mon and create a future legacy with a young motivated close knit team. it hurts at the moment but we need to grow up and have some patience.

    oh and finally – with all those ash young doubters please now get with the programme and see how vital he is to us!!

  5. A lot of Mons overpriced underskilled senior players would be upset because they aren’t getting picked .. I’m looking forward to GH getting rid of some of these players and bringing in some fresh talent . Transfer window opens in a day or two ffs , lets stop whining and moaning and see what Houllier can do with players that can play the style of football he’s trying to introduce . If he doesn’t start getting consistent results by the end of January i will hold the rope for you when you lynch him .

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