FULL TIME – Man City 4 vs Villa 0 – HOULLIER OUT

So two days after a disappointing defeat we have a really tough away fixture with away form that is nothing short of abysmal.

90 – It could have BEEN so much worse but the only credit are the magnificent fans who stayed until the bitter end, those guys should be the only Villans with their heads held up high – I SALUTE you

77 – BAD news if we did not need even more, Delph injured with his knee and now Pires on for NRC, JOKE

69 – Lichaj yellow card

61 – fonz header wide and subs have added some energy to the game

58 – Milner on to good reception form the remaining villans, predictable he will score

54 – Balotelli hat trick, simple penalty after albrighton trip, Albrighton and Bannan off for fonz and delph

16:04 – No changes, out early first half kicks off

HALF TIME – Just abysmal, what more can you say …. I am shocked just how lifeless and gutless we are and a hurting chelsea next, if Man City really want this could be 10.

40 – a MAN CITY save. lets rejoice !!!

35 – embarrassed to watch this shit, but will continue to watch, Houllier should resign after the game, Villa fans spot on with ‘your not fit to wear the shirt’

26 – Simple city goal, Freidel parries out to Balotelli, Villa are a disgrace

25 – Nothing to really update, nothing from us, total City domination

16 – Warnock booked for foul on Silva

13 – ANOTHER set piece goal conceded, free header, Houllier out .

15:07 – Clear penalty by Lichaj on Barotelli who then scores, could be very difficult day. the defending is just plain awful under Houllier

15:05 – slow start by both sides, Villa holding a slow paced City very well

15:00 – Kick Off

14:45 – Maybe an injury but Hogg not on bench, the lesser spotted Osborne is

14:30 – got a feeling we will be in this game, I see no thrashing, just can not see how we can keep a clean sheet

14:15 – Subs: Guzan, Clark, Hogg, Delph, Delfouneso, Pires, Herd – Carew, Dunne and Ireland being totally frozen out

14:10 – Villa’s team with Young still out and Heskey injured is





14:05 – If you care Man City’s team, Tevez Hamstring injury

Hart, Richards, Zaba, Lescott, Kompany, de Jong, Vieira, Yaya Toure, Johnson, Silva, Balotelli.

13:55 – From twitter

Balotelli starts for #mcfc. No Barry / Milner. Dunne and Ireland not in #avfc squad.

13:45 – Fully expecting Petrov to start probably along side NRC and hogg in a 4-5-1, do not expect Young to make it.

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112 comments on “FULL TIME – Man City 4 vs Villa 0 – HOULLIER OUT

  1. Who’s going to do any better? NOBODY THAT’S FREE. No shit we’re in a fucking mess, but do you really think anyone can do better?

    • Who’s going to do any better. I would. I’m available. I’m not tactically unaware and I’m not going to pick fights with my best players. Therefore by definition I would do a better job.

      Hughton, Jol, Benitez and just about any manager currently free would do better.

      Its absolutely hilarious that some villa fans still think he’s the best option out there. He’s single handedly taken us into this position. Before we were in for a difficult season finishing about 8th or 9th. It could well be 18th or 19th.

  2. Bring in Big Sam before its too late!!

  3. Yes Houllier mus t go BUT do not overlook the main cause. Lerner has lost intresoug t he is a buisness man looking for profit.
    Lerner is another Doug Ellis. LERNER OUT

  4. Fans who have supported the club throughout the last century and during this one know what is best for the club not an american who has been here for a fee years. Houlier out is the only option. Someone who does not stir up an atmosphere. However the players are also responsible just as much as they seem to think they are bigger than the establishment and should get on with football and concentrate their loyalty to the shirt the wear! a wage docking of the defence and strikers would be an excellent start as well as getting rid of agbonlahor who has done nothing every game this season. He is a waste of money and space!

  5. the root of the problem is with the establishment. the fact that the top men know nothing about football such as the ceo, fd, etc. simple as that. Therefore they are always going to make bad choices, running villa more like a business than a football club

  6. gmax are you focking nuts get Randy out?! You had to many white wine’s

  7. Ian robo stop the talk about houllier out if he was to leave we would be back to square one again and be worse off!

  8. honestly rob, do you think we would do worse with another manager ?

    look at the team spirit, it has been destroyed and the fans yesterday were in unison singing for him to go

    there is no way back, cut losses now, get someone ion within a week and three weeks to spend IF there is any money

  9. we will do ya’s a favour and take young off your hands and let you have some of our shite instead,sound lads,enjoy the championship.

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