No FIGHT, no BOTTLE, that only heads one way unless the one change is made

Read twitter, read the forums and this is possibly even more depressing that the Chelsea 7-0 or Blues or Liverpool or Newcastle this season, which is saying something.

For the game we started off really slow, never got out of first gear and the whole team showed nothing at all, the heart in the team has gone. When the fans at the game start to take the piss and start to call for Houllier’s head you know it could not get worse, then we have a hurting Chelsea side …

Now of course there is a totally sensible argument that says MON left us in this shit but last May under him we were playing at the COMS for CL. This was just humiliating and one of the worse falls from grace in the PL.

Villa fans singing

We want our Villa back” and what sounds like “The Villa is ours, fuck off Houllier, the Villa is ours

No point with any MOTM today, no point ranting about individuals, there is only one man who is to blame, fully fit squad and we get worse not better … Is trying to force out senior players at this stage really clever management ?

Nah course not would mean we have a clever manager in charge, we have a dead man walking in charge.

Tonight if I was Randy there is only one course of action to take before the window opens.

My choice is Ian Holloway, a man motivator supreme, look at what he has done with average players at Blackpool, perfect for the players now who would love him I think.

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89 comments on “No FIGHT, no BOTTLE, that only heads one way unless the one change is made

  1. O’Neill’s reign was a ‘mirage’ – thats a ridiculous statement. He started with a team that narrowly avoided relegation and a squad worth nothing and but over 4 seasons seemed to be working hand-in-hand with Randy and results, value of squad and reputation grew with each season. There were aspects that I didn’t like (lack of rotation, only buying players from British teams) but to call it a mirage implies it was fleeting and didn’t exist: that is just not true.

    In 4 months, the same squad minus one player (Milner) has gone from a top 4 contender to one that doesn’t look like keeping a clean sheet or scoring more than once a game – morale has hit the floor and we are dropping like a stone. That isn’t a mirage, either.

    • I used the word “mirage” to describe a situation that appeared to be worth more than it really was. If you examine what really happened besides the 6th-placed finishes, each season’s second half finished very short of expectation despite the expensive signings … and the short-sighted signings.

      Apart from which, until last season, Villa’s record in the domestic cups and in Europe was poor, and the FA/FL Cups’ run that we had last season only emphasised that despite the money MON had spent, the squad was a long way short in various respects. Not that the skill level was not present in individuals but that the team method was not as it should be.

      And then MON’s departure … one moment he was there and then he was gone. What more of a mirage could you have?!

  2. Have to agree with John Lerwill , Houllier not to blame , i can see that he is trying to play more of a passing game the problem is MON signings are not comfortable in possesion i.e NRC , Dunne , Warnock , Carlos to name just 4 . All the joungsters coming through look great with the ball but would never had a chance under MON . Give GH a chance to bring in his own players then judge him . We would be in poorer position if MON was still in charge and i think he realised tis himself .

  3. Why do you all moan about a manager who was left with a squad who were deflated by the previous manager. Everyone thinks O’neill walked on water you can blame him for all this. Walking out on a team 5 days before the season doesn’t help anyone. If any of you did any research you would see Houllier has won a darn sight more silverware than Martin ever has. So instead of giving him grief give him a chance, if you want to blame anyone look at the 11 who pull the shirts on and get on to them. Build a bridge and get over it.

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  5. oniell not to blame he left august its nearly january. houllier out now, you have had over 3 months to stamp authority and what have you achieved, alienating yourself from nearly half the first team is not the way to go about things. every after match comments start with “the players are lacking confidence” i’m sorry pal but your the manager your suppose to instill confidence, make them 10 feet tall not continually slate them week after week, agreed some need a rollicking from time to time but some quite clearly need an arm around there shoulder don’t they? sack him now install jol monday morning before fulham pip us to him

  6. I’m disappointed with the way things have gone, but getting on GH’s back can only be detrimental to our club. He has been tasked with changing the whole footballing philosophy of the club. To expect him to do this with technically inept players and young inexperienced players is unrealistic. Give him a transfer window and see how he does after January.

    • I’d happily see him leave now. The results AND the performances are now unacceptable.

      He may have been tasked with changingthe way that we play, but we have some very good technical players who have been ostracised to the point that they want out of the club.

      I acknowledge that we didn’t really have much of a gameplan under MON other than to stop the opposition from scoring and try to counter-attack, but the results spoke for themselves. We couldn’t keep a clean sheet against a decent parks side now.

      I dread the thought of the foreign legion for washed up footballers thy vp is likely to become in January, and the idea of giving a manager who has failed to inspire with his previous signings – took Milan Baros off our hands if you recall – any financial backing when there are managers of better calibre available to work with the squad we have.

      I’d happily see Chris Houghton or Big Sam take over, as I would Martin Jol. Each has their pluses and minuses, and if you want someone who’s got the stomach for the fight, then Big Sam’s the man. A backwards step in football philosophy? Maybe. A manager to get the best out of Dunne, Reo-Coker, Downing, Young and maybe even Ireland? Absolutely. His man management skills are excellent, and he builds a ‘them or us’ mentality in his teams that Mr Houllier ne comprendez pas.

      Even if we stick with GH for now, back him in the window, manage to avoid the drop, what is acceptable next season, or will it be transitional as well?

      The appointment of GH as manager has not been a good one for our club, and unfortunately it looks as though Mr Lerner has been hoodwinked by an elder statesman looking for one last big payday.

    • The situation we are in now most definitely IS a MON legacy.
      MON never had a plan B hence the players only knew one way of playing.
      MON was such a stubborn prick he wouldn’t play the youngsters or even give them some Premier experience and so the likes of Bannan, Albrighton etc are probably about half a season behind where they should be.
      Now GH has to pick up the pieces and it will take time but on the positive side he is at least playing those players in their correct position so we dont have any man who can walk playing at full back and those that are found wanting ie Dunne are not played at all.
      We do have some severe to average crap in our ranks and it will take time to change things around but just imagine MON’s reaction to all this – NRC or Cuellar at full back, Dunne still in the team, probably Carew starting every game fit or not and constant moaning about the size of the squad.
      GH deserves this and next seasno to demonstrate he can do it.

      • …”We do have some severe to average crap in our ranks and it will take time to change things around but just imagine MON’s reaction to all this – NRC or Cuellar at full back, Dunne still in the team, probably Carew starting every game fit or not and constant moaning about the size of the squad.”
        Sorry, have never read such a shit. Yes, maybe he would have done this but we would have been top6 and not in
        a relegation fight. A clever manager plays to the strength of his team – MON knew that, GH doesn´t know it.

  7. It’s simple, I never go on these sites, but there’s a lack of passion and effort, the bloke and his mate sat on their backsides when we are 3-0 down???
    Get Martin Jol and Chris Hughton together, didn’t they work together at Spurs? Would bring passion and experience, but if not just Jol. MON did drop us in it but that is history so forget it and move on.
    Dunne was great but is clearly overweight and possibly injured so put him on a diet and get him fit and bring him back in Buy a keeper, LB, decent Centre Midfielder and a bloody goalscorer because Gabby, Carew and Hesey are not it. Goals and clean sheets win games, simple!!

  8. Its not houliers fault, lerner dragged out the appointment so houlier couldnt get any players in, if he sacks houlier now all he will do is appoint another manager at the end of the january transfer window so lerner hasnt got to spend any money.

    Oneil did great with a group of players who you could see was going to struggle this season whether oneil was in charge or anyone else.

    If they sack houlier and get big sam it will go into melt down, its bad enough now and the only way i can see villa going forward is if lerner releases the funds for houlier to get the players he wants, then if that fails you can say its houliers fault.

    But to blame houlier now is wrong, lets be honest hes dropped dunne, he should have been dropped ages ago hes been crap all season, collins aint much better.

    I think the problem is a lot of players, where playing above themselves now they are really showing how crap they have always been.

    The worse thing about it all, is you can now understand why barry and milner left. the villa aint gonna win anything until they get rid of the crap players and get some decent player in.

    players to go friedal, luke young, collins, dunne, petrov, davies and ireland for starters, infact the only players who have played well this season are ashley young, stewart downing and albrighton.

    the problem being ashley young is getting out like milner and barry and albrighton lacks experiance, i feel sorry for downing he left middlesborough to join a team whos doing exactly the same as they did when they was in the premier.

  9. I went up to man city and after 22 mins the so called fans decided to start booing !! Give the manager a chance . Ive posted on here before and he needs at least a transfer window to make a change . I liked oneill for his counter attacking football , but walked out five days before the start of the season after spending millions , and got away with murder after some of his buys ( salifou, knight, harewood, routledge) i could go on !!! Houllier plays football so he needs a good clearout of players. most of this team can not play football . Its a shame Ireland hasn’t got his head screwed on , he’s our best player with vision and ability !!!!

    • on earth could you give them a chance at City, unless your eyes were closed we were bloody awful, even more so than at Houllier’s home, it was lamentable ..

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