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RUMOUR – Randy has asked Houllier to leave

EXTREME CAUTION on this one, any press reading this and use it the rumour is very very loose and may be total 100% bullshit and therefore you print remember it started on twitter and facebook and not of your own sources !!

Oliver Holt – Lerner’s Fault not Houllier’s

Oliver Holt is MON’s buddy in the press and lays the blame at Randy’s door.

SPECULATION : Davies, Ireland and Dunne

At least we have some good old fashioned transfer speculation/nonsense to now talk about !!

SPECULATION : Houllier meeting with Randy and comments about Lichaj a disgrace

Oh dear not good tonight at all, is it ?

No FIGHT, no BOTTLE, that only heads one way unless the one change is made

Read twitter, read the forums and this is possibly even more depressing that the Chelsea 7-0 or Blues or Liverpool or Newcastle this season, which is saying something.

FULL TIME – Man City 4 vs Villa 0 – HOULLIER OUT

So two days after a disappointing defeat we have a really tough away fixture with away form that is nothing short of abysmal.

Villa fans pay for police incompetence and Blues fans invading pitch

So well done to Villa to continue to battle the stupid ruling that we are restricted to just 1500 tickets for the Blues game.


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