Xmas games thick and fast, DEFEATS as well

I don’t think I have had such a negative title for a match preview before but it is inevitable for this period, well up until Sunderland.

No matter how you look at it , can anyone see anything other than a easy City win. Yes Everton won there last week but they have something’s we do not have, a physical presence, a great team spirit and a guy in Cahill who can score. City’s home form is not that great but our away form, oh dear, it is appalling, never has it been so bad since GT Mark 2 day’s and that was depressing back then.

With the Xmas games you expect a few changes but can not see any changes in the main problem area- back 4. However I fully expect to see NRC and Petrov both start and with Heskey out, Young had better be ‘fit’ but no news on him at all, so may team would be



Albrighton (who really should be rested for this games)

Young (if not fit, I do not see Carew starting so the Fonz)

Clearly after the game and especially when the awful and elderly Pires came on there were audible boos and discontents, if as the vast majority of us expect we lose the next two then the pressure will be intense on Houllier and I believe he is showing signs of strain. This game therefore in many ways is a ‘free’ one it is a game we know everyone expects only one result, maybe that will release the pressure.

I doubt it, dark times.

22 comments on “Xmas games thick and fast, DEFEATS as well

  1. I think he’ll play 5 in the middle against City, Gabby up top on his own.

  2. I did think about that, presume Hogg but Gabby is not looking the same one I know him to be.

    Reckon he is not an happy boy either

    • I think we’re just putting too much pressure on him, he is our main goal threat and if he’s injured or out of form we ont have any alternatives, Carew can’t be bothered and heskey, whilst playing well, is not. proific goal scorer. If gabby can score in a couple of consecutive games that gain us points I’m sure he’ll be fine

      • I know he has been injured, I know the rest of the team and the service has been awful. But 0 league goals from your main club center forward is not good enough. I’m not going to get on his back because he is a good player, a fan favorite and is very loyal to the club. Under no circumstances should he be sold. But. It is worrying.

    • He signed a new 5 year deal and came out the other day saying he is a one club guy, playing for the club of his dreams etc and that he needs to find the net already, stop assuming everyone fucking hates GH and write whats real rather than the shit you dream up every night.

  3. Depends whether A.Young will be fit. If not we will start with a 5-men midfield. Its a shame that we go to ManCity and see no chance for a good result. But at the current form thats reality.

  4. Hogg needs resting or possibly dropped , he isnt good enough! he only good in our eyes because he a youngster from our ranks, you know fair play to him, he come in and dones us a job but he is knackered and his tackling is shocking, if one my players go in like he does he wouldnt be playing hed be off like that!

    • Were we watching the same game? His tackling was excellent, he took the yellow card when there was a break on but other than that his tackling was brilliant and it was just Atkinson as usual playing pussy football with no contact.

      • im not just going on the last game it been overall, he is not good enough, he is 22 now and he’s championship, league one at best, youve got reo coker yesterday sitting on the bench, fully fit again and he plays delph who been back a week or so!!:/ reo coker and bannan mark my words would be a great partnership in the middle, coker is one of the best for breaking down play and bannan going forward with technical ability could be a gem but hogg is not good enough

  5. Yes the strain is showing – I couldn’t even understand his garbled response to the 2nd question on MOTD – wait until he see’s the houlier must go group on facebook – 400 members in 4 hours !

  6. If we lose tommorow then I really won’t be happy. To get beat by the two Judas’s Barry and Milner while we are fighting relegation will piss me off!

    Friedel, Lichaj, Cuellar, Collins, Warnock, Albrighton, NRC, Petrov, Delph, Downing, Gabby, – 451 – would be my choice with Bannan eventually coming on. This line up presuming that Heskey, Carew, Ireland, Ash and Dunne won’t be playing. Go defensive and try and force a draw. Man City struggle to find the net at home so go defensive and see if we can get a 0-0. Has it really come to this?

  7. Villa need to improve defensively v City if there is any realistic chance of grabbing any points.. i guess trying Cuellar @ right back and bring Clark centre half with Collins could maybe make us that bit stronger defensively.. anyways what is there to loose?

    Either NRC or Petrov should also start to make us that bit harder to break down. Sad time for the Villa! Hope there is a turnaraound soon..


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  9. i think we should play 5 defenders and 5 in midfield try and hold on for a 0-0
    its sad , last season we would have been playing against teams like liverpool away hoping to win or man city but now its a question of how many city will put past us

    I think city 4-0 for tommorow
    and chelsea 5 or 6 – 0 on sunday😦
    bad times , real fight for our prem lives this season

  10. John Carew has scored 3 goals in his last 4 starts against Man City, he HAS to start surely!

  11. Friedel




    Back to basics? I think this line up would be our best bet for a win. Ireland has a point to prove at Man City and will be fired up for this game, he might not want to play for the Villa but he would love to stuff Man City! We should use that fire in our attack. And Carew’s good scoring record against Man City is surely better than Gabby at the moment who doesn’t look at all fit or likely to hit the goal trail soon. 2 games in 3 days; we need to rotate it a bit.

    • What has Lichaj done wrong at right back? The only time Gareth Bale influenced the game last night was when he ran through the middle for the 2nd goal, otherwise Lichaj played very well against him. Can’t have Ireland playing, wrong attitude. Carew, shame he has become what he has but he no longer has the desire, change them for Bannan and Gabby.

      • It would be harsh on Lichaj, but, he hasn’t played many games lately for Villa, playing 2 in 3 days would be a big ask, plus he isn’t exactly the best when it comes to defending set pieces. I noticed that against West Brom, his marking is very poor. Having Cuellar, Collins, Carew and Clark on the pitch would give us the advantage for the set pieces attacking and defending. Man City haven’t got many tall players who could out jump them. Keep the game tight in a 451 and we could nick it on set pieces because we all know we aren’t going to outplayer Man City. Give them space and we will get battered. It needs to be kept very tight for the full 90 tommorow.

        • Agree with keeping it tight for 90 mins, not sure we are capable of that though. Also it would be good to have Clarke back in team, suggest

          Lichaj – Cuellar – Collins – Clarke

          Warnock is not the best at set pieces either

  12. More about no team spirit? After the first goal, we had all the team spirit in the world and DOMINATED Spurs. To think we don’t have team spirit is TOTALLY wrong. What we don’t have is quality. Hogg I believe can be the next Petrov. All around good player, can tackle very well, other then being a leader, he can do a bit of everything but isn’t great at one thing (other then Petrov is an amazing leader).

    I’m confident we can get a win against City. They don’t impress me at all. I want Warnock to be dropped and Lichaj to play as our LB, Cuellar at RB, Clark and Collins at CB. Warnock is awful this season. Lichaj’s best attribute is his speed which he controlled Bale with and can control Johnson/Silva.

    • Thanks Andrew.

      It is interesting and the report is comprehensive and gives some excellent links to more info and video clips.

      He looks very sharp and a natural finisher in those clips.

      The read-ups say he works hard off the ball ‘perpetual motion’ and is constantly making intelligent runs. Obviously a big step up but his coaches say he’s very level headed and is still improving at 28. He is the best player in the best team in his league and a Jamaican international, so why not let him train with our lads and have a look?

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