RUMOURS : 800 tickets for Blues game – CONFIRMED – 1500

I heard yesterday that the police had restricted the numbers to the Sty to only 800.

We are of course entitled to 2,800 there by Premier League rules and as of yet the Villa have said discussions are still ongoing with just over 2 weeks to the game.


I am guessing if this is true that Villa are holding their line and demanding we get as close to the full allocation as we are entitled to but the police are having other thoughts. Any cut to our allocation below what we should get will only benefit the Blues in what will be a vital game for both sides and we need every Villa fan to be there to gain the points !

Of course numbers at VP were restricted for Blues fans and as I said on here that was wrong but 800 is a draconian measure for trouble that we did not start as we never invaded the pitch.

Hope villa win out but not looking hopeful is it ?

EDIT 28/12 – Villa have confirmed initial allocation is 1500 and are battling to increase, total disgrace that we have been cut like this – LINK

14 comments on “RUMOURS : 800 tickets for Blues game – CONFIRMED – 1500

  1. if it is 800 then I can only see more trouble as I’m certain some of us will enter the real stye and be amongst the knuckledragging vermin! The old bill cannot dictate our fate ! The villa better hold out for the 2800 or the league should play it behind closed doors ! It/was/them cunts who invaded the shit hole pitch ! Justice must prevail

  2. I couldn’t have put it better. Stand up mr lerner and faulkner and win this battle it is paramount we have 2800 in attendance at the alliance

  3. Great being a Villa fan right now! Just gets better everyday!

    Stupid police, we threw the flare, yes. But, we wouldn’t have thrown the flare in the ground if you didn’t allow thousands of noses come onto the pitch at us!

    Senior Officer: “I know, Birmingham are going to knock Villa out of the cup and will be buzzing after the game, so lets put none of the police we have in front of the Birmingham stands to stop them running on the pitch.” BRILLIANT!!!

    How about we just play the game at St Andrews early in the morning with no crowd at all. That way it’s just a football game with no trouble. I would rather that than have only 800 Villa fans allowed to go.

  4. I can confirm that blues are trying to restrict our allocation but we are having none of it & have requested our full amount & are standing firm. the police have also requested we have a reduced allocation but apparently have no power regarding an actual decision as it is solely between the clubs to sort out! just to clear up the only reason blues had a slightly reduced allocation last time at vp was council enforced for persistant standing same goes for us aswell

    • thanks mate, it is fair we get reduced to the same level they are at VP any more and we should stand up and say no as per PL rules.

      maybe if the police over there organised themselves better then maybe just would be better.

  5. Hopefully, they don’t have Robbie Keane before this game. I know he won’t come Villa because we aren’t after him but if they do buy a goal scorer to play alongside Zigic then I will really worry about this fixture!

    I know nobody really wanted Kevin MacDonald to be manager but if things get much worse surely he would be the better option. Dunne was playing well under Kev Mac (apart from the Newcastle game where everyone had a shocker) and he knows Stephen Ireland well. Gabby was playing well under him, and Ash, and Friedel, and Collins, and Luke Young. Actually we were much much better under Kevin MacDonald. I’m giving Houllier a few more games and some time to make some signings but if things do get worse (They better not!) then I hope to god that Kev Mac comes back in, the players want to play for him and will do a much better job working for someone they actually like!

  6. correct me if im wrong (im sure theres plenty who will!!) but dont we only ever get 1500 at St Andrews for the league games due to the fact Villa always seemed worried that due to the £50 tickets we wont sell the 2500+ that we should get?? If Villa take more and they are not sold then the tickets still have to be funded by the club?? This is the same at chelsea, we only ever take an intial 1500 with the option of another 1500 if theres a demand

  7. amazing how our threads get turned from ticket allocation to kevin mac etc ,,, ive got a granny in the gurkha regiment who …………… Ffs

    • I’m finding it hard to focus on ticket allocations though with the position we’re in. It annoys me more when Houllier thinks the performance was good yesterday. Anyway, back to the topic, the police can fuck off! We want the full allocation!

      Stand firm Villa! Get us 2,800 strong going to get 3 points off those bastards!!!

  8. It will kick off big time if we only get 800 tickets, they never sell out against us so a good few thousand of us will be stupid enough to venture in their end.

  9. The rumour I hear is that GH was more a director of football figure – and KMAC would have had a lot more responsibility had he worked alongside houllier – Houllier was just supposed to give KMAC the benefit of his experience. KMAC chose not to take it – but now Gary Mcallister does most of the manager role – with GH just a figurehead. Would explain why GH seems so relaxed – its Mcallister whose doing all the work and whose job is on the line.

  10. well the training ground bust ups supposedly feature gary mac so possible and how the fuck is this comment about ticket allocation fuck me I’m a nob !

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