Albrighton, BETTER than Beckham, you BET

Let’s REJOICE, a win and very much in the style of MON eh ? but no surprise today we actually played to what the players can do and not what Houllier wants them to do.

Before the game in the pub everyone was dead nervous we all knew just how important the game was and this showed during the game, the crowd was very nervous and so were the players. However for once this season Houllier did the right things …

He played Cuellar and he was great, won everything and showed the class defender he is

He played Lichaj (well had to) and what a great performance for his debut, full blooded tackles, did any one get beyond him like the vastly over rated Young, nope.

Houllier played to the players strengths, no real tippy tappy rubbish but play down the wings and we come to


Those who have been on this blog for a while will remember how much I said Albrighton was magnificent and how some (stand up Juan Pablo Anus) laughed at me, who is laughing now ? Those two crosses for the goals were world class, on the button, easy to score from and we won because of them. Marc Albrighton for me with his delivery will be top class, if not WORLD CLASS and today proved it. I said better than Beckham, well if Beckham at 20 had done the same for Man U everyone would be raving why not about a local lad from Tamworth ?

The game was not great, to be honest West Brom probably had the better of the game, but who cares, our hoodoo continued, Freidel had nothing to save (apart from the usual sloppy goal) and we hardly threatened apart from the goals. However all that mattered was the win, it relieves a lot of pressure now and Houllier can now reflect on what works for the next 10 games or so.

MOTM – Well guess who ?

Ash Young was good but not the MOTM announced at the game

Heskey proved what we missed and he HAS to stay fit

Cuellar and Lichaj proved that HAVE to stay in.

More of this at Wigan and we can look forward to a top ten finish, just do what we are good at and defend properly. The senior players showed today they want Houllier to stay so lets build upon that and win against Wigan before Xmas will make things look so much better.

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70 comments on “Albrighton, BETTER than Beckham, you BET

  1. Really disappointed with some of the Bannan comments. Yes his form has dipped, but kids are inconsistent.

    Hogg a couple of weeks ago was apparently not good enough, now he’s playing well and getting some good comments, which is great. But have you all forgotten how Bannan played against Fulham and United? He was brilliant!

    That’s what he’s capable of. No kids produce that level week after week, it just doesn’t happen. If it did, every team would be full of 20 year olds!

    Bit of perspective please people. Kids are more likely to go looking for peoples reactions to their performances, so less of the knee jerk reactions.

    And Albrighton is a tremendous little player, but has a bit to go before being on a par with twice runner up in world player of the year Beckham! Again, some perspective would be advisable!

  2. I don’t really care for the celebrity that surrounds Beckham, but he still won god knows how many titles with United and Madrid, including a european cup, over 100 caps for England and the aforementioned WPOTY runner ups…. And the european clubs he played for were United, Madrid and Milan.

    If that’s bullshit, then I wouldn’t mind some bullshit players at Villa!

    Anyway, I digress….

    • Beckham was consistently top quality for nearly 20 years, not only my opinion but the opinion of people far more knowledgeable than me, I’m amazed that someone could be as arrogant as dismiss that as BS.

  3. Juan Pablo Anus, Ian told us about Albrighton when many of us didn´t know or rated him. Me too. He is a wonderful talent, not more and not less. He could be our new Tony Morley and this is a big compliment. And GH should do everything to pump him up with confidence (although he has a lot of at the moment). Talk him to the national team. The more confidence and support he gets the better he will be. But I wouldn´t make comparision to Beckham. That gives reason for arguments and that doesn´t help.

    • why not compare, the quality of crossing is superb and Albrighton with his pace and that little nutmeg shows to me he has more about his game than Beckham.

      Is Morely an accurate comparison, not sure, never saw enough of him live but better than the likes of Walters and Daley for sure

  4. ..the elder fans know that a comparison to Morley is the biggest compliment. Was the best winger we had at Villa for the last 40 years and its no coincident that we won the biggest throphies with him. And he was an England player although he should have won more caps as he really did.

    • I have only seen clips of Morley of course, just seems their styles are different as Morely of course played o nthe left as a right footer, more like Ash ?

    • Albrighton’s stance, movement and dribbling style is much like Morley’s than Ash’s is. Even though he did play on the left

      I loved Morley’s goal at Goodison the season we won the league. It was the MOTD goal of the season for 1981.

      Gary Shaw holds it up on the half way line, turns the defender beautifully and slips a perfectly weighted ball for Tony Morley to run on to (from inside our half). Smashing run and strike.

      The only clip I could find was this but you have to watch 7 or 8 other team’s goals first

  5. ..till now, I don´t know what was his better foot – left or right. And that speaks volume. Both had the desire to take their defender on and cross the ball. Morley had the advantage to have Peter Withe who was an excellent header of the ball and scored numerous goals after Morley crosses.
    Would be interesting when Albrighton would have a Peter Withe type of striker in the middle. Heskey is good but not great in this departement. Most of his crosses are converted by Downing.

  6. Who writes this drivel,Lets get one thing straight,we won yesterday,yes,but we were hardly impressive,its also ridiculous to suggest Allbrighton’s better than Beckham !
    Yesterdays performance from Lichaj was just ok,personally,i think he’s an awful lot to learn,he was left on his arse on 3 ocassions when he dived in and never got the ball !
    Ashley Young isnt overrated,he is a quality player who perhaps just needs to add goals to his game to become a real top 4 player !
    It just shows you how desperate we’ve become to pin our hopes on Emule Heskey,a workhorse who’ll never score the goals required !
    So all in all im thinking you havent a clue what the hell your talking about,one win and and we’re worldbeaters,you make all us Villa fans look like complete dicks,get a reality check !!!!

    • When will you get a fucking grip. He has scored the winning goal twice in the league this season from 7 games, got us through the early rounds of the Carling cup with his performance against Burnley. Yet fucking morons like you still talk ill of him when he is the best forward we have got right now!

  7. albrighton is quality and all that matters is he keeps playing and we keep winning. im sick of the abuse off the scummy nose tossers.. shit on the city!!!!!!!

  8. Startin,if you think Heskey is the answer to our prayers,your the fuckin moron you muppet,yes he’s the best forward we’ve got right now because Carew has decided to he doesnt want to play for Houllier and Gabby’s just a headless chicken,if you want mid table mediocrity then carry on supporting a manager who thinks a striker who scores 5 goals a season is good enough .Facts are we needed a striker last season and we need at least one this,only an idiot would believe Heskey is gonna start scoring goals at the age of 32,i think ive just found him !

    • Carew is a lazy git and that’s nothing to do with not wanting to play for Houllier.

      Martin O’Neill made it clear how he felt at that football forum last year when he told about 500 Villa supporters: “Why don’t you start cheering John Carew when he actually does something worth cheering?”

      This was when the Holte End kept chanting his name every time he was on the bench.

  9. I was just saying the other day to Victoria and Brooklyn how my crown has now been stolen by Marc. If he gets loads of tattoos he will be the real deal.

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