FULL TIME – Liverpool 3 vs Aston Villa 0 – Scared rabbit in the headlights

Big away game for villa tonight, not expecting to win but I have been getting optimistic today for some stupid reason !

FULL TIME – Just absolutely dreadful, good night

80 – all Liverpool could be another 3 or 4 down

69 – Great save from Friedel, first chance today of saving the ball

64 – Not much to add really, Liverpool allowing us the Ball, Carew and Pires on for Albrighton and Gabby who looks like he is struggling

55 – caught on the counter attack and easy goal

52 – The change has helped, much better up front, pinning Liverpool back and Gabby should have scored

21:03 – Game kicks off, we go to 442 with Fonz on for Clark, houllier has a lot to prove

HALF TIME – And that was just so painful wasn’t it, not much you can say, problems all over, no passion, nothing. Boos from the faithful travelling support say it all.

44 – In the quiet at Anfield the microphones picked up obvious dissent and frustration and how we miss Ash

37 – Clark booked, misses West Brom game, oh well …

30 – Nothing to really add, Liverpool controlling it, defence look like making a mistake any time, Warnock is having a shocker

16 – Maybe offside BUT again no pace behind the defence as through ball cuts us apart

13 – We were warned and another needless set piece, given away by Warnock and unmarked header, does Houllier train them ?

7 – first chance for for albrighton as he nearly gets on the end of a Downing cross

3 mins – Defending at set piece very weak again, nearly a goal against

20:01 – Game KICKS OFF at a very muted Anfield and muted houllier return

19:55 – Strangely confident, even ignoring the Houllier Liverpool love fest

19:40 – Have we ever faced a weaker Liverpool side ? If we were full strength we would be favourites

19:20 – Still can not believe Cuellar is not starting, makes no sense at all, at least Albrighton back is a big boost

19:05 – Team as on R5 – Shock that Albrighton starts (told you Houllier pulls out shocks !) but no Cuellar, that can not be right, talk about favourites ?






Subs: Guzan, Pires, Carew, Delfouneso, Cuellar, Lichaj, Herd.

19:03 – No team news yet but News Torres is out as his wife just gone into labour, rumour Herd may start

18:45 – Got a feeling Houllier may pull a surprise either in personnel or formation tonight. He has to improve the away results ! Some speculation that Pires may start, please NOT. Also some rumours around that Clark may be injured as well.

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117 comments on “FULL TIME – Liverpool 3 vs Aston Villa 0 – Scared rabbit in the headlights

  1. I will continue to back Houllier but will admit tonight is frightening. Liverpool haven’t played well but I think 3-0 flatters us. Up until now I felt we’ve played well in games, but we’re all out of sorts here.

    I still think Houllier needs a transfer window to turn things around and make his mark on the team. But if we still end up in the relegation battle and narrowly avoid the drop then I’d want someone else in come the summer. I’m starting to wonder if he is just a stop gap. Hasn’t he asked the French federation to keep his position open? If that’s the case then maybe Lerner has looked at who was available when O’Neill left and thought there wasn’t anyone good enough to have long term, so brought Houllier in to tide things over until the end of the season. I wouldn’t be surprised if he left suddenly by mutual consent.

    As for tonight, Collins has been awful – I think Cuellar should start against the Baggies. I don’t think any of them look confident, or like they even want to be there. Downing is the only one who looks like he’s trying.

  2. startin you tosser ! He left cos newcastle tapped him u nob

    • Get real you idiot, read the news, why would Jol go to a fucking knobhead chairman who sacks people when they’re doing well like Ashley.

  3. Tell you what, Ireland is quite possibly the biggest waste of space since Gordon Brown and i am not talking about the big land mass to the west (altho that probably moves faster)

    Shit chavvy lazy tosspot

  4. We’re singing “we’re going win the league”.. Class support lads….

  5. …whats the problem. We are now playing a passing game and we have squad rotation. How many bloggers did claim that. But we have no results. Liverpool is playing counter attack because we are loosing the ball much too easily in midfield and defenders are all over the place but they don´t defend. Ireland is playing too deep but doesn´t support defenders. It´s so shocking -I´m totally depressed.

  6. This is embarrassing! I can’t remember feeling this gutted about the villa!

  7. I can remember feeling worse than this in the final days under oleary. Cheap chairman, poor manager (who constantly told us we were a small club), poor players, no fight, and no thought of being any good in the future

    Now despite how depressed I am its not as bad as that. We have a decnt chairman (really needs to prove himself now), the manager who the jury is out on, lots of good young prospects, decent players to come back but at the moment the team is playing poorly.

    Still not as bad as those last days under DOL

    • 6 month ago we were a top6 team and had 2 tremendous cup runs. thats the difference to DOL years. In 6 month everything changed and thats frightens me.

      • But it was always going to change anyway after MON.

        What frightens me is his style of football, Remember when Wenger went to Arsenal, to start with he made use of what he had, he didn’t play short attractive flowing football he made use of their defenders and and slowly changed the teams philosphy. Houlier is trying to get players who are not comfortable to play his way. This leads to lack of confidence,. In the long run for the young players what he is doing will actually make them better players as they are having to make lots of quick decisions however at this point it isn’t working

        • totally agree and short term if Houllier goes back to the system they can play and just gets confidence in the team that it can defend.

          does that it will show he is flexible and plays to the players strengths and not weakness’s

          • definatly but i have a feeling he won’t.

            We need to play 2 up front too as young/ireland/ pires do not score enough goals so basically we are looking to gabby to score

            Get the best out of the players we have gerard. Don’t try and make them something their not. Try and improve them but play to their strengths

  8. I blame MON for all this

    Look at the list of signings he made

    Salifou – WTF
    Reo Coker – loads of passion but cant actually pass the ball
    Ash Young – Can run with the ball but should by now be able to deliver a better cross
    Curtis Davies – not sure what has happened here
    Beye – lol
    Sidwell – LOL
    Dunne – great defender last year this year looks like he belongs a couple of leagues below
    Collins – Not worth anything near what we paid
    Shorey – lol
    Warnock – sometimes think he is playing for the other team the amount of free kicks he hands to the opposition
    Friedl – good signing
    Heskey – Is only effective with a poacher never happened under MON

    I really believe PIRES was signed as we have no flare in the team what so ever and it was a move by a manager who has realized what a pile of shit he has inherited.

  9. Very worrying. The short passing game is NOT working. By all means, pass the ball, but forward and quicker. Learn how to defend set pieces properly, O’Neill had his critics but at least we could do that. Hence we won games! I am still behind GH, but he needs players back quickly, and players brought in during January. Get back to basics. DEFEND PROERLY FFS

  10. Gees this is bad, we should have given McDonald the job until someone good became available or Macdonald proved himself. What if we lose at westbrom? we then have an away game at Wigan before spurs, man cit and Chelsea. I fear we are going to go into the new year in the relegation zone or even bottom at this rate and then do we really want to give Houllier any money to waste on player? I’ve seen enough already to know this is not our guy.

  11. Very Very poor performances and result.

  12. We dont have time to see if Gh is the man. This team is in crisis. I was not a fan of MON but we have swopped the rubbish he advocated with points for the rubbish GH advocates without points. Sad to say but Dunne, Collins and Warnock have to go. Clark was awful last night, didnt seem able to do the most basic things like jumping. Ireland just does’nt want to know. The whole team is gutless. RL wake up before we are in the championship.

  13. Who would be a football manager eh! Especially one that simply has not been operationally hands on for 4 years.
    This team has too many ingredients rescued from a Tesco skip, last nights game was so sad to watch , no invention , no heart and many totally frightened by their own inabilities , confidence is one thing fear is another. If Villa are to get out of this very dangerous slide it will not be with these players , snood wearers , want awayers , dont want to players , cant remember what i am supposed to be doing players and the kids enthusiastically running their socks off.
    Big job Mr H , are you up to it ?

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