Injury UPDATE – 9 players out for Blues

Now things are getting better

Players finally returning and playing and these are the players missing for the Blues game, hopefully will hear no more before Wednesday !!!

James Collins’s calf was said tio be ‘tight’ after the game by Houllier but expects him to play.

  • Petrov – 3 months min – Knee ligament
  • Sidwell – Achilles injury – Operation 4 weeks out
  • Delph – Knee Ligament injury – return after xmas, light training
  • Gary Gardner – Knee Ligament injury – return possible prior to Xmas, training now
  • Weimann – Ankle injury, worse than initially said, light training soon
  • Nigel Reo-Coker – Knee ligaments injury – Now training
  • Emile Heskey – Knee ligament injury – Starts training Monday
  • Carlos Cuellar – Calf – starts training Monday, possible for Liverpool
  • Albrighton – Appendix op – 3 weeks
  • 37 comments on “Injury UPDATE – 9 players out for Blues

    1. Houllier stalked up to Collins post-match with a hungry glint in his eye. They both stood silently, their stares saying more than either ever could. Gerard slowly moved his hand forward, before reaching its target, squeezing James’ toned thigh gently.

      “Tight”, Gerard murmered, breathlessly…

    2. Not really 9 is it

      , Petrov, Albrighton and maybe Cuellar. Of more concern to me is how clueless GH seems to be – we are dropping like a stone – conceeding a stack of goals with a full strength defence.

      Roll on may when we can get a proper manager

      • Two weird problems that have arisen this season:

        1. Our defence, which was previously one of the best in the Premier League, is suddenly leaking goals.
        2. Our set pieces, which were previously where we were at our most dangerous, are suddenly abysmal.

        • and yet we got two today !!

          the defence could be that the much derided Cuellar made last ditch blocks etc from his RB berth, not there and no one does that now

    3. Johnny, you are absolutely right. But we changed our defense. Cuellar went out (even before injury) and Luke Young went in. And the latter one is not in a good form. The same with Warnock. Some parts of his game are shocking. You feel that players confidence is low.
      About set pieces I am with you. We were so strong in this departement, although we scored today for the first time after a corner.

    4. Needless to say today was another bad result. It was worse for me as I did not find out the score until 5pm as I was out doing that yearly task of Xmas shopping. Too be honest I kinda expected it as we usually get hammered by the gooners, even with O’Neill we can’t really say we did that well against them. My real concern is every thing feels very DOUG ELLIS and sometimes I wonder if selling to Lerner was his last laugh. The only reason we’ve such an injury list is O’Neill bought players that had injuries galore at other clubs and now the’ve culminated at the same time and that maybe O’Neill rode his luck for too long(hence luck of the irish). Let’s see what Houllier does as he’s had no transfer windows to do his magic. Oh ye I hope we beat the blues…..

    5. Don´´t make Doug Ellis or MON responsible for our current situation. GH went in and he had overtaken a team which achieved 6th place in the table the last 3 years. So what. No manager can expect to get 11 new players and to change a whole team. Look what Owen Coyle is doing at Bolton: he hasn´t put in a lot of new faces but obviously knows how to manage a team. GH has to develop a game plan, a strategy, he has to give our players confidence, he has to talk them strong, he has to work on the set pieces and so on. Yes, injury list is bad, but we have won 2 games out of 10 since GH has arrived. He has to turn things around.

      • One main problem, he didn’t inherit a team which finished 6th. He inherited a team which finished 6th minus a certain James Milner, our best player by a mile last year and his defensive work was just as good as his attacking, we are now lacking that kind of player and it shows.

    6. Joty, tbh most games last season with MON we got lucky with scraping 1 goal in most games. But were playing much better football then we were last season to be totally honest we just cant seem to be holding the score line till the very end, i dont know wether its GH doing double training but if you want a good team they have to put the extra effort in. Ashley Young missed another chance at his level shouldve bagged it easily that wouldve put us 1-0 up and you wouldve seen a different game, this season we will be close to relegation no doubt about it every villa fan knew when MON left that it had fucked up our season before it had started, but after the jan transfer window and the may transfer window when GH gets the team he wants it we will start getting results, Ashley Young Out, Get Money From Him, Get Rid of Heskey, Carew Sidwell all wastes of space then use that money on top of lerner’s to get some quality players in. Pires was the biggest waste of time shouldve brought the walking stick with him. Next season will be the one and hey who knows the could still win a cup this season easily.

    7. Cueller at CB all day long…He’s miles better than Collins

    8. Joty your a complete twat, I said feels like Doug Ellis days as in always losing and relegation battles. You should read what you criticise and ye MO’N is a dick who bought mostly flops, so stick that up your arse. How can you behave like results should be the same as MO’N except we lost our best player and gained a useless twat. Then you have the ploy of not signing a manager til the transfer window was over(very dougy behaviour), so it mean’t no getting the cheque book out. GH is here to get cheaper foreign players in anyway and will retire in a few years or sooner depending on Lerner to whom most of the blame should lie.

    9. “MON bought mostly flops” …hey, what are you telling. With his flops he provided 3 top 6 places in a row and good cup runs. What will you tell me. That it isn´t possible to achieve something with this squad. Yes, injuries are bad and MON didn´t have such a bad patch. Whatsoever, I don´t see any game plan. Playing Pires lets me doubt even more as long as a fit Ireland is sitting on the bench. But I´m with you about comments about Lerner. Handling of the whole summer affair wasn´t very lucky in order to say it polite.

    10. Luke young is awful? Haha do any of you know anything? He is quality .. No wonder why capello tried to get him to go to the world cup.. Im afraid in defence the two main problems are collins and dunne far too inconsistent and so so slow the amount of times dunne keeps being beaten for pace is a joke same with collins.. Chamakhs was a true example of how dreadful they both are at dealing with pace…Cuellar needs to get back in there and i would bring Davies back from leicester and shove him in there with cuellar.. We once ha the two best cb in the league with laursen and davies .. Davies hasnt been given a chance for almost 2 years and as for upfront Carew just displayed yesterday how rubbish he is never passes at all! …. As gooder passer and dribbler is bannan he isnt good enough , he cant tackle too inexperienced as soon as we took pires off it was: song and rosicky vs clark and bannan .. Credit to clark he played well second half.

    11. Due to how the fixtures fall, ie play Liverpool Monday, we can afford to put out what we consider our best team, taking into account injuries, against SHA.

      The team that played for the majority of the 2nd half yesterday should start. Yes I have been one of Ireland’s biggest critics but for the first time yesterday I thought he put in a shift. My main concern is the full backs, as both are not playing well, although it does seem that when Downing swaps to their respective sides their form drops, he really is poor defensively! Young does at least battle back and takes on his opposing defender etc. However SHA are not strong going forward and they should cope.

      Fonz looked OK and I would start with him, Gabby is still coming back and it may be better to use him, if or as necessary when defenders are tiring. Please play the wingers more on their proper sides, we wont score too many in the air, SHA defenders are good in that department., so lets have balls cut back from the goal line that are travelling away from defenders for attackers and /or midfielders to run onto.

      For a long time SHA have a great chance, everything will be in their favour, so we need a Henry V rousing speech, how unfortunate that we have a French manager!!!!

    12. look, dont wory about it, our kids will play them off the park on wednesday

    13. i really do hope we win the blues for the sake of our pride.
      surely we cant be knocked out of the carling cup by the scum of the midlands,
      that would surely be a very big punch in the face for a very long time and would,
      leave a scare forever. not a good start for the rest of the season and the manager.
      injuries should not be an excuse,as we should have a better overall villa squad,
      to squash the scum out in the next round. AVFU

    14. villaman42, do you remember this comment :-
      When they don’t have Fabregas? Yes! Dunne and Collins will Chamakh in their pocket. Young will be able to deal with a very poor Arshavin and Nasri on the right will be out muscled by Warnock. In the middle it will be Denilson, Song and Wilshere against Clarke, Bannan and Pires. I think that is an equal midfield battle and with Downing and Young out wide getting past Sagna and Clichy (if he’s fit) then they can cross balls into Carew who is up against one of the worst Arsenal central defenses to be played. I am confident tommorow and so we should be. We’re at home and both teams have players out, time to start picking up the points and get the ball rolling for Wednesday.

      And if he does go with 2 defensive midfielders (Hogg and Clarke) then that’s alright, we’ll just play counter attacking football like we did against United most of the game. Remember against Birmingham we nearly won it through Clarke’s header and Ash’s shot off the post. We can win, fact!

      Ha, Arshavin, Wilshere, Chamakh and Nasri all scored and your first goal shouldn’t have been a goal. Don’t tempt fate

    15. Getting your excuses in early LOL!!!

    16. you guys should win, you are favourites

      the excuses are clear for all to see, now if we did beat you that would be so fantastic

      but I doubt we will

    17. scary thing for me with houlier is the lack of stregnth or bottle that the team shows. We are so weak away from home. I also don’t like the 1 upfront unless you have midfielders who score and as for playing young up front its a waste of time as he doesnt score enough.

      I am prepared to give him time but i am more than worried especially when he says we dont need a striker in january, as we already have carew gabby and heskey. this just confirms lonterm he only wants to play 451

      • The thing is Bozzie, GH and everyone connected with Villa knows we are going to need Carew to play for just a few more games between now and the New Year.

        This season it’s obvious Big John just can’t be arsed. £50,000 a week wages alone is not enough to make him try, you also have to massage his ego and tell him he’s the best striker in the league on his day.

        Now if GH came straight out with it now in November and said ‘I am looking for a new striker in January,’ do you really think Carew would knuckle down to the challenge and put in some decent shifts or cry off with another ‘injury’ while drawing his fifty grand every week until the end of the season from the treatment table?

    18. […] Injury UPDATE – 9 players out for Blues Now things are getting better […] […]

    19. Seems Houllier only wants 2 players in January. At least he’s smart enough to know (something O’Neill wasn’t) that we need players that AREN’T like the other ones we have. Also basically admitted they’ll both most likely be midfielders.

      • now Andrew one is almost certain to Makoun who some will rave about but totally out a favour at Lyon and probably another french player.

        I query if we have the cash to do any better but not sure we need two midfielders though though I expect young’s replacement may come.

        • As for the “some” who will rave about Makoun, how many times have they seen him play?

        • He fell out with the manager. It’s nothing about his lack of talent because he doesn’t lack it. Plus, Pjanic, a player ANY TEAM would buy, is also benched.. Doesn’t mean he lacks any talent either.

    20. Some good injury news, pictures from training on the villa site show that Andreas Weimann and Emile Heskey have returned to training. The bad news is from the looks of it Cuellar missed training again today too.

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