ITK : Cuellar in talks about possible moves to Germany

Bicksvilla on VT has said that Carlos Cuellar is having talks about moves to two German clubs.

Carlos in talks with Shalke04 and Bayern

This I think would surprise no one at all. Despite good performances when given limited chances Carlos has been clearly overlooked by Houllier for some reason a lot do not understand.

He is in the position where the maximum value for him is over the next 6 months and it is no secret Houllier has to sell to bring in other players, wages more than anything so this makes sense for a player it is clear he does not rate.

The source has got other things right before so no reason to think this is not true.

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51 comments on “ITK : Cuellar in talks about possible moves to Germany

  1. im a lying sensationalist attention seeker. I love making things up to stir people up. i know NOTHING about Villa. Nothing at all, In fact i am a Bluenose and i LOVE brady so much I think she is really pretty and good looking and i think everyone should stop calling her a slllllaaaaaaag and instead respect her for who she is.

    Oh i hear voices in my head and those voices are telling me that Gabby Agbonlahor wants to leave Villa and join Birmingham city despite being a Villa fan AND signing a new 4 year contract, BUT ITS TRUE! BECASUE IM ITK! I HAVE LINKS! I HAVE THE POWER! RESPECT ME MY MINIONS! LOVE ME!!! LLOOOOOVVVEEEE MEEE!!!!

    • thats not me unless I have serious issues with my mind, which some say I have !!

      think this guy was around a while back, may have a bit of a anger management issue I think or takes life too seriously.

    • Out of the closet at last!!!! I knew it all along!!!!

      Only kidding Ian (the real one). You’ve got to admit it is funny though….

  2. Lol@a clone on a forum. That’s got to be the most pathetic thing I’ve seen other then the stupidity spouted by most of the “Villa” fans on here about what ian puts on this forum.

  3. Not sure why cuellar can’t get in the team, maybe injury??? but he should be able to get a look in now that dunne is out.

  4. Cuellar has been injured, just back in training, what a load of shite, Houllier DOES rate Cuellar and has said so, sad folk.

  5. i asked carlos on twitter and got a reply saying he wasnt talking to any german clubs

  6. Not a chance as Davies will be off in January & Houllier would not leave us short

  7. what is GH and the villa broad upto are they out to wreck the club

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