SPECULATION : Pavel Pogrebnyak

Massive hattip to GarethRDR on VT for this one !!!

His agent is quoted in the Russian sports site http://www.sovsport.ru/gazeta/article-item/417911 that he is interesting a number of PL clubs.

Thanks to Google translator

In yesterday’s issue of “Soviet Sport” agent Pavel Pogrebnyak Oleg Artemov said that his client was interested in three English clubs. Given that Russia striker lost his place at the heart of Stuttgart in Keller, the likelihood of his departure is great. We appealed to the British and German journalists to assess the prospects of tall striker to Albion.
From British sources, “Soviet sport” became known clubs applying for Pogrebnyak. In addition to Liverpool, it’s Aston Villa and Everton.

His record is not too bad at just over one in three, makes change not to be linked with a French or Lyon player !!


Youtube is useful sometimes !!

4 comments on “SPECULATION : Pavel Pogrebnyak

  1. Gotta a Russian buddy. He’s pretty high on the guy.

  2. He would never get that much room in the Prem, another Balaban I reckon!

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  4. Seen his pic on wiki. Is it just me or is he the russian James Milner?!

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