The FUTURE of Villa is secure

Great news tonight that Albrighton has signed his new contact along with Ciaran Clark.

Anyone reading this blog from the start will know what a massive fan of the two I am and just think some ‘idiots’ on here used to berate me about my admiration from Marc, how foolish do they look now ? Both Clark and Albrighton will form the basis of any successful Villa side we will have in the future.

Albrighton we know what he is like, he has pace, he can spot great passes and once he gets more confident he will score loads of goals like he has done throughout his career. I predicted if he plays a lot of games this season for England’s PR tour of Thailand he will get picked, nothing has changed my mind on that.

Clark, is going to be an immense leader and captain for AVFC and his country, now Ireland unfortunately. He has composure on the ball, the ability to pass and read the game, for me a young Paul McGrath and that is not an over hype of him, he is THAT good.

Along with the likes of the Fonz (he WILL take his chance), Weimann, Delph and Gardner there is a great youth base to build on and should not be squandered. (Watch out for Cameron, Carruthers, Burke and Grealish)

The situation has now given two or three the chance that MON for whatever reason never gave them properly, they are TAKING it !

13 comments on “The FUTURE of Villa is secure

  1. Blimey Ian, I suspect you’ve posted that on your phone again.
    You really should re-read that mate and edit accordingly.

    Whatever, I agree with the sentiments:-)

  2. the situation has now given two or three the chance than MON for whatever reason never gave them properly, they are TAKING it !

    i know what you are saying, but its not very coherent

  3. Fantastic news finally coming out of the Villa…..2 of the most promising players for a few years down the Villa I have seen come though the academy! Nice one Houllier players like this are our future… and its a fact. The likes of signing another Milner or Young have gone now and we have to start producing these players ourselves.

  4. just found out Nathan Baker has also signed an extension, if not for injuries I reckon he could have started at least the cup games this season

  5. Who ever wins anything with kids ????(Mr Hansen)
    The future is bright with a big if !!!
    If we manage to avoid the “R” this season and I believe we could get involved in a bottom of the table scrape then the future is indeed bright and I definately don’t mean that if we go down ‘our’ kids will shine and bring us back up !
    I want our kid’s to shine in the top flight for years and years…
    Now if we can overcome this horrendous injury list and lets face we have got too ! then hopefully come Jan 2011 we can off load some of the top wage creamers and progress with a more balanced wage bill, a settled ssquad who have grown up from the academy and so on !!
    The future is …………………………….

  6. comparing Clark with Paul McGrath is bordering on the ridiculous.
    Barry Bannon is the most exciting footballer at the club

    • with Bannan I am not convinced yet, seen the talent need to see him start PL games

      as for the comparison at the same age wasn’t Macca playing Gaelic football still ?

      It is how good I rate clark

  7. I was sceptical with your praise about Albrighton at the beginning of this campaign. But you were absolutely right. And Clark is a great talent but we don´t know his best position yet. For me, it could be defensive center midfield. Top players seem to have much time on the ball and that´s exactly the impression I have from him. But we all know: if our youngsters are good enough, all the richer clubs will catch them. Sorry, it always was so.

    • I still see Clark as a Centre back because he has the commanding presence for that position. As DM, well we will see but whilst he was good against Blues in reality had little to do

  8. Wonderful news! With such a tumultuous season, I needed a pick-me-up. Those two will do great things if they stick around long enough. I really like this core group of kids.

  9. Good news indeed on Albrighton and Clark. Bannan is now really in the mix too, and we can only hope that Delph, Weimann and Gardner can all recover from pretty bad injuries to deliver on their promise. Exciting times ahead hopefully, but the fear has to be that we’ll have trouble hanging on to our successes!

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