A massive chance to go to Wembley again

We all loved Wembley last season and no doubt that tomorrow represents an excellent chance to get there again.

Burnley come to Villa Park after a very poor home performance at the Weekend and Villa need a win to ensure confidence before Sunday.

The great news is that according to the General around 30,000 will attend the game and that is a magnificent attendance and great news for the ticket pricing they have set. This is obviously a great chance to progress to Wembley given all the teams out so far.

So what team will Houllier pick, that is not clear but we know who is out, my guess is




The Fonz

Maybe Young and Dunne could play but before the Blues game would be shocked if they are risked as the same with NRC and some others but maybe we would take it seriously, we will see.

Looking forward to the game, got to say should be open and full of goals !

12 comments on “A massive chance to go to Wembley again

  1. your midfield trio are woefully short of a leader but with the alliance in b6 sunday there isn’t a lot of room for manouvre. Burnley are playing to either save or sack brian laws such is their plight! Great to see 30’000 crowd and a poss 1/4 final & with a possible midlands derby ahead v the olbyun the dingles or the unwashed yes very interesting. But don’t count your chickens ! Wembley is far away

  2. but more than reachable mate !!

    as for midfield, what other choices, Osborne, Salifou ???

    playing NRC would be one mighty risk, given Petrov’s injury

  3. NRC will play as he’s captain now.

  4. there aint no choice dude & a woeful situation to face. And our wage bill is huge with no cover, I never thought of salifou ffs who does !

  5. maybe no choice but not a happy one to make is it ?

  6. For what its worth I think he’ll play Ireland, bannan and sidwell in the same side




    Good games for Ireland and Sidwell will be a good basis for sunday.

  7. …plus you have to go for it. Imagine how sick we would feel if lost having not played reo and ireland and then losing one of them too injury in training the next day. Players can get injured at any time…who was it who was injured by his ironing board a couple of years back…?

  8. bollocks forgot about Ireland !!

    will amend !!

  9. we should go all out for the cups this season as i dont think we l make europe through the league this year shame young Delph is injured this would have been his time to shine

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  11. Albrighton should be playing every match from here on out. No reason not to have his energy and play making available.

    • We don’t want him to die out and he makes an impact off the bench. He’s a good 30 minute player but dies off after that. He’s a perfect 60 minute sub to run for 30 minutes.

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