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Villa, do the right thing and apologise to the fan in the Witton Lane (with Video)

Sure you have seen by now the fan who was chucked out in the Witton Lane stand.

Any future for Ireland

Well is there ? Bannan came on instead of him and that made it clear what Houllier thinks of him.

Well done Gerard, wanted a draw and got it, well done

Well been home for a few hours, beers worn off and still very angry at that.

Ready for it, get your voice ready, the pub sorted, leave nothing behind

Last post before the big game and simply lets just go for it.

Oh James was the huge pay packet worth it

OK, so £100k a week makes it easier but was it really worth moving ?

Cub information regarding the cup draw from H&V

Some information given to H&V regarding the cup draw against the Blooz.

A win for Villa Kids over the Blues starts the weekend well

The U-18’s at Bodymoor Heath won the local youth derby 2-1.


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