Houllier sets out his benchmark, results are all that matters

Gerard Houllier’s first pre match comments today were standard stuff really with no shocks at all. Any Villa fan reading them would be reassured to read hat he has about the backroom staff and the change of training methods which were said to have got very stale under MON. So like any new manager he will get a chance to prove himself but we should not think things will change that much over the next 8 months. For sure he has little room in which to move and in all likelihood he has what he has for the remaining games.

So when you look at the comments below these could have easily come from the mouth of MON over the past 2 years and guess what, I agree with every word.

“I know it will take time to implement and be accepted. But you come with your philosophies and your beliefs and you just try to convince the players to do it.

“The first mission is to get results and the second mission is to be entertaining.

“At the top level you have to have an entertaining game for TV, spectators, fans. They want the effort and nice fluid football.

“That will take some time but it would be nice to do that.”

I have no doubt that Houllier’s style based on what we saw for 6 years at Liverpool will be wholly based on defence first, Just look at his two most successful signings, Hyppia and Hamman obviously both defensively minded. At Villa he already has the tools for the defence, we should no longer see the bad defending we saw under KM and get more to like it was under MON. He likes to play with narrower players but we do not have the wide men for that but maybe Downing could be pushed further inside ?

For the next 10 games for confidence and league positions, all that matters are the results, those fans expecting exciting fluent passing football had better re-adjust their expectation levels. Houllier has told us as much and he has stated what his priority is and that should not shock anyone who watched the Liverpool of his reign.

18 comments on “Houllier sets out his benchmark, results are all that matters

  1. It’s starting to do my goat with people judging him by what he did at Liverpool. Since then, he has played a good style of football with Lyon that was exciting. Any team needs to be strong defensivley first becasue you are always guarenteed a point when you don’t conceed but Lyon had Ben Arfa and Malouda (Both wingers) under Houllier as well as Benzema up front. We have tricky players too and I don’t expect us to play anything like his Liverpool team. I expect us to eventually (granted) be far more technical and keep the ball far better to work openings rather than punt the ball up field and chase.

  2. I dont care whether Villa win anything or not. Once we’re playing beautiful football, i think every fan is getting their money’s worth. For me, as a purist, entertaining always comes before results. I think that should be Houllier’s first priority, and then build slowly towards success like Arsenal have done.

  3. Aero we play the so called football you want ad finish 12th very few would be happy, thats football, all that matters is the final league position

    • It depends on what type of fan you are.

      If you go to watch football for the results alone, you obviously wouldnt be happy with a lack of success.

      If you go to watch football for the sport itself, to watch it the way its supposed to be played, you would be happy with total football and would accept a lack of success.

      I am the latter. Though i wouldnt be happy with average league finishes etc, i would accept it. Why? Because im confident it would prove best strategy in the long term. Like i said already, Houllier should take the same approach as Wenger. Playing beautiful football, and gradually building towards success.


  4. I go to football for one thing alone to see Villa win, are you seriously telling me you would be happy we play like that against Blues but they win ?

    • I really cant be any clearer. I wouldnt be happy, but i would accept it (as i said above). I think there would be a stressful year or two for Villa fans, but i think in the long run it would prove one of the best choices a Villa manager has ever made. I love beautiful football, for me it comes first.

      Thats just my opinion…

  5. My eyes, my eyes!

    Playing around again I see Ian🙂

    Aero, there are plenty of Arse fans moaning about them winning nowt for the last five years.

    Me , I like a bit of both.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love to see good football, but accept it’s not always the way to win.
    If it was, Arse would win the league year after year.

  6. I just watched two 2nd string teams play some super stuff Spuds v The Arse God i wish we had some strength in depth like them both ! O’Nell the little tosser paid top $ for 2nd rate shite ………… WE HAVE A FEW STRESSFUL YEARS AHEAD!! Oh Woe woe woe

    • Oh woe, woe woe and hold on a minute Wazzer!

      Our second string stuffed Manure 4-1 last week. We have some good young players coming through and a few of MON’s shite players are OK. Sidwell, Davies, Beye and Reo need confidence as do the others that MON brought in and then didn’t play. He was a poor manager not necessarily a poor talent spotter. Even Heskey has something (somewhere!) Not sure what but he must have surely!

  7. Jesus Ian sometimes i think you see things that simply aren’t there, firstly why judge him only by his stint at Liverpool? has it been lost on you that he also had two years at Lyon where his tactics and football were totally different? at Liverpool he played 442 in the main with Owen and Heskey up front, but at Lyon he adopted the 451 system with Benzema playing as the lone man, Govou and Malouda on the wings with brazilian play-maker Juninho pulling the strings in the middle of the park, he won two titles with that side and they played some wonderful football,

    I also think it’s extemely naive to suggest he won’t bring anyone in come January, every new manager wants to make a statement when they join a new club and i have no doubt that Houllier will have some gems up his sleeve, especially as he’ll be shoping abroad most likely where it’s not as expensive as Mon’s “british only” policy was, so i can see a few going out and a maybe as much as three coming in.

    In closing i liked what the man said, results are what matters but with Mon when we really needed a positive result it never happened, examples being the Stoke shambles at home which cost us the Champions league, Manure in the carling cup final, bottling it at City last season in the Champs league race, Wigan at home when we had a chance to snatch 5th in his second season here etc!!, hopefully that will change under Houllier.

    • “firstly why judge him only by his stint at Liverpool?”

      because that is his only PL experience

      at Lyon he took over already a 4 times champions wasn’t it ?

      Liverpool is the yard stick or shoudl we look at the job he did for the French team and by employing thier fitness coach who lost it ?

      Randy wanted a manager with ‘PL Expereince’ so it is totally valid to look at what he did at Liverpool, problem is for some people that shows Houllier not to be quite the great manager they would claim.

      Ie. he is solid and stable and builds teams not to lose, with a somehwat dodgy transfer record

      just like MON

  8. Houllier has an extremely tough act to follow. He has set himself up by declaring that ‘results come first’. Of course they do, Aero is very much in the minority. Trouble is, the previous manager got results, and that wasn’t enough for a section of the supporters.

  9. Trouble is the previous manager only got us decent results up until Feb -if we were lucky!!!
    Hopefully we turn some of those 2-1 losses into draws and the draws into holding on to 1-0 or even better 2-0 plus. All those extra points would mean 4th spot like Spuds did last season.

  10. Oh so looking at Houllier’s Liverpool record shows “he isn’t that great” Ian? well what about Martin O’Neill’s premiership record then? you know the man you’ve been defending and sobbing over for the last six weeks? his record isn’t even on the same planet as Houllier’s so are you gonna have a go at Mon now?!!, and anyone with any sense would look at what Houllier did IN HIS LAST JOB which was at Lyon, managers change you know that don’t always stay the same.

  11. If Houlier picks his squad based on performance and ability rather than favourites then I am sure we will be in for a better ride than we were under MON. He exhausted our squads by over loading them with games hence Villa fizzling out in the last 3rd of the season and then equally blooding too many cubs in one foul swoop in europe. I expect Houlier’s approach will be far more explorative and controlled, the peaks and toughs of performance under MON will be ironed out, it may not be as exciting at times but who cares if the results mean 3 pts or a trophy and more consistency.

  12. Exactly. People judged Hodgson when he first when to Fulham based on his stint at Blackburn rather then his other jobs that had got him the job in the first place. Secondly, since when was GH’s stint at Liverpool deemed a failure? Ok, he couldn’t win the league, but at least he came closest out of all Liverpool managers since they last won it.

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