Serious situation when Rob thinks Sven

Arrrgh, what a kick in the stones. Lotto Citeh beat Liverpool 3-0… Barry scores a goal and gets Man of The Match and fucking Milner gets another MotM. Surely these toerags aren’t going to buy the title? Hopefully the wheels will fall off eventually. Blue fucking Moon my arse.

I don’t think Villa are ever destined to do any good in European competion ever again. I come to this conclusion after we crash out of the Europa league for the second year running to the same team at the first hurdle. OK, the referee was pretty shite, but not as shite as some of our defending. Beye and Davies in particular… what the fuck was Davies thinking when he pissed about and lofted a ball out for a corner that he could have just kicked into touch for a throw in? Of course Rapid scored from the resulting corner. Petrov’s woeful penalty miss…and the even more pathetic miss by Heskey from the rebound. Open goal? You fucking bet.
Heskey did manage to put us back in front although I don’t think he knew too much about it, but instead of shutting up shop and seeing the game out, Villa decided to go into a fucking coma; within 4 minutes we were 3-2 down and out.
At least Gabby is back and scoring…oh that’s right, he only lasted 40 minutes. Bollocks. And those fucking Austrian fans….I hope you all get chained up in your Dad’s basement and arse fucked for 25 years.


So now it must have become crystal clear to Mr Lerner that Kevin MacDonald is not an option for manager of Aston Villa. The last two games have proven that without any doubt whatsoever. Not sure myself who that man should be but last night I found myself cursing Martin O’Neill and the timing of his departure. In fact things seem so desperate I think I’d even take Sven Goran Fucking Ericcsson.


Back to League action and Everton at home usually has the betting types slapping a few quid on the draw. We had all our regular first teamers back, and unsurprisingly Beye and Davies were nowhere near the squad. We started brightly and a neat pass from A Young found L Young just outside the box, and he curled a delightful left footer past Tourettes Tim. That was the 9th minute. Time to start giving the ball away and losing possession at every opportunity, although that clueless fucking muppet in black obviously didn’t want Everton to lose. He booked four of our lot at the first foul, but time and again let the Bluescousers off, and gave them free kicks around our penalty area countless times. And FIVE minutes added time?? Where the FUCK did that come from?
Still, somehow we held out for the win thanks to a heroic effort from the back five. Although Ash and Marcy Marc missed good chances for us to finish the game.
Seriously, I hope the Referees Association was watching this, as Mr M Jones was diabolically shit and one sided. Hope we never see him again.


Some amusing results elswhere as 10 man Bolton came back from 2-0 to get a draw against slimy small heath. Hahaha. And Lotto Citeh lost 1-0 at Blunderland thanks to a 93rd minute penalty – oh how the rest of the countries fans laughed! It’s a long 2 week gap now because of some irritating international, so unless Villa decide to appoint a manager I’ll be having a little break…


13 comments on “Serious situation when Rob thinks Sven

  1. What exactly was the point of this article?

  2. another cracking read Rob….some nobs just dont get the point do they:) UTV

  3. You forgot Spuds losing at home to Wigan Rob.

    Pissed myself even more at that one.

    “What exactly was the point of this article?”

    You’re either kidding or American, right?

    It’s humour mate.

  4. i think the words you are looking for are “purile rubbish”…let me know when the humour starts, can’t seem to see it myself!!

    • Ok, it’s basic earthy humour, certainly along the lines of the way I think, but don’t like to type in forums.

      It’s meant as tongue in cheek (I think), but fair enough you don’t see it, so just ignore Rob’s posts from now on, no harm done.

      I think it’s bloody funny:-)

  5. FailFrank can’t even spell “peurile”

  6. Rantin’ Rob, another enjoyable post as always. As a Yank, I don’t find the humor in the niggly little comments of your unabashed detractors. Your OPINIONS are a welcome addition to this otherwise ITK driven rumor spreader. Best Regards.

    • Rasputin,
      thanks for not taking that the wrong way.
      I was just thinking about our humour not crossing the pond very well sometimes.
      Nothing personal meant.

      All our American friends are very welcome to me, as we’re all helping to spread the name of Aston Villa, which is what counts:-)

  7. Indeed it is tongue in cheek.
    I’m sure people who don’t like it can always not read it next time

  8. don’t worry rob, best hits ever today on your pieces, people appreciate it !!

    maybe the first poster was a ‘friend’ from H&V:-)

  9. allways enjoy the read Rob
    but Sven ! your avin a larf aint ya

  10. I hope your way off the mark with Sven, although his record at club level and with England is good, the guy is a twat!

    Other than that, i thought it was a very entertaining read and people like ‘frank’, who appear to like moaning should just do one!

  11. Some disgusting comments about the spelling of pewryall. Wise words on our Austrian friends at the end there Robert.

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