Clear and Precise message about Ash – He is ours and going nowhere

No matter how much is offered for Ash IF the reports on Sky Sports and picked up by others are correct then there is only one clear and precise answer for Faulkner and Randy to give.


Apparently the spiv Redknapp has offered upto £19m for him and that is a decent offer but as we saw yesterday he is pretty well vital to any prospects this season. I posted a couple of days ago about what he was quoted in the Sun and if anything my admiration for him grows, he is simply irreplaceable within the team at the moment.

We do not need the money (well I hope not) we have no manager and Randy would be crucified if he sold him. Randy is an intelligent man he will not do that but I do wish we would state publically now to everyone no more sales in or out of the club, we have got what we have.

There is no excuse at all to sell Ash, it would tear the heart out of the whole club

13 comments on “Clear and Precise message about Ash – He is ours and going nowhere

  1. Personally I think Redknapp is taking the piss offering £19m for him.

    It would be suicide for the club to sell him for only £19m with no hope of replacing him at all

  2. Just tryimg to unsettle Ash, he knows there’s no way we will accept that

  3. Cockney Spiv Piss Off you crook !!!!!!!

  4. That’s his ‘TAX FREE’ price offer dodgey cnut, even with the tax added on it don’t add up past 21mill and personally he would have to double that for me to blink an eyelid at it. Apparently Sidwell close to 3mill Baggies move

  5. Kev Mac has come out and said that there has been no offer and no contact from Spurs whatsoever and if it was down to him no offer on any of the “better players” would be accepted.

    • interesting phrase by KM, putting all the pressure back onto Lerner

      good to hear from KM and there is seriously no way a deal can be done is there

      first task of a new manager is to convince Gabby and Young to extend their contracts

  6. I thought it was £15 mill and a choice of Keane, Defoe or Bentley?

    Whatever it doesn’t matter, as it simply won’t happen (in this window at least).
    Randy Lerner would never be forgiven and he knows it

  7. It would be horrible if we would loose him. He is so important to our team. I´m not fully convinced about his free role behind the main striker instead of being a winger. But I think it could work, especially when Gabby is around. Ashley could play the right passes for him.

    And one additional matter: I would seriously consider to give him the captains armband. It would give him further responsibility which he will handle to good effect. Would hurt Petrov, but could take some extra pressure from him. And Ashley will start more games than Petrov will do.

  8. kev mac would not know if there was a bid anyway cos he’s not your manager.if you sell ash then you won’t make the top ten.champions lg,top 4 club,London,yid family,who would you like to play with hesky or fabianio.(fabs flying in tomorrow)

  9. Fuck off Redknobb you saggy faced dodgy dealing cuuunt

  10. this is now around the web but sums him up perfectly

  11. MacDonald said there was no offer for Young. Though the papers are saying Spurs are willing to add one or two of Keane, Jenas and Hutton in the deal.

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