Totally EMBARRASSED by that

Not going to bother to write that much, will do that later

But frankly today showed all the problems and none of the answers

It shows we need a new manager by the Everton game, KM maybe a nice guy, players love him but we need far more than that.

We need a manager to get a grip and shake it all up

We need someone to get nasty

KM knows this and will not be perm manager

The problem is now the split between pro and anti MON players and ans will be wide open

EDIT 17:55

KM’s reaction


smiling at times, under no real pressure it seems

he knows he will not be the manager

and the players know it and I think that partly lies behind the result,they are not playing for KM when it goes bad

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103 comments on “Totally EMBARRASSED by that

  1. Why is it that of all the teams out there, one teams fans go onto opposition sites to boast their incorrectly spelt nonsense. I’m talking Newcastle and their punching above their weight fans. O.k. you win a match by way too much, but hell there is always next week. The fans that laugh at you are the ones that remember your innapropiate comments on our sites, so grow up and stay in your own domain. Your chairman sold us milner, we didn’t pinch him. We simply developed him and sold at great profit, What’s wrong with that???? This is your true gripe.

  2. fuck off you newcastle cunt

  3. […] Totally EMBARRASSED by that […] […]

  4. i found this site by accident on the newcastle feed on newsnow. I never made any mention of milner we got good value for money just the litte dwarf dennis wise didnt spend correctly. I dont care for him, he is a hard worker and thats it. If the majority of your fans hadnt made banners etc when we were relegated there would be no gripe. Simply fact is that in the premiership years we have achieved a lot more than villa and been to places you can only dream off.

  5. I hate to say I told you so but I posted on here last week saying KM is not qualified and it was hammered for being too negative. The only good thing to come out of this is KM won’t get the job now, which is better in the long term. We need someone like Sven or Jol.

  6. I’m sorry but the guy who said newcastle are the worst team in the premiere league – you are an idiot. There are much worse teams in the premiere league than newcastle for example west brom, blackpool, wigan, west ham, wolves and oh yeah, ASTON VILLA.

  7. You are going down, going going down!
    Villas going down! Going going down!
    Na na na na na na
    Villas going down!

    Because you’re shit.

  8. I still don’t see what’s wrong with installing Terry Venables at Villa, if only for this season, but he’s not even been hinted at anywhere. He’s good in the home and international transfer market, and he’s a ‘name’.
    I am not Venables’ love-child but that result on saturday made me feel physically sick and Venables is the best available right now and all the evidence suggests there isn’t a moment to lose.

  9. Just a message to the Newcastle fans. The reason you got some much stick that day at villa park was you chanting “Who are ya?” through Martin Laursen’s leaving speech. Totally disrespectful and i was glad you got relegated that day and you fully deserved the stick you got. In any case all football fans give banter out. In fact ive been to SJP 3 times and seen us lose twice and everytime you’ve taken the piss just as we have when we’ve beat you at VP.

    Well done for yesterday though and i hope you stay up as long as we take 3 points back at VP!

  10. Nah i hope you dirty northern bastards get relegated with that vermin up the road.

  11. I’m still trying to come to terms with the fact that we lost to a side with, Barton (thug) Nolan (has been) and Routledge (ex footballer) amongst other make weights.

    We had a bad day at the office, never in the realms of football, will we ever lose to such a bunch of no hoper championship trash, again.

    Gloat while you can you prison shirted twats, you’ll soon be gracing the lower divisions, with you girly hero Carroll, you fat bellied northern fools😉


  12. Nope. I never thought the deal was good. Ireland’s a great player but he’s not nearly as good or important as Milner was/is. The only way this was going to be a good deal is if we got to spend the money and with 7 days left it looks unlikely.

  13. Better than Carew? Pushing it. While Carew’s having a bad start, RSC isn’t exactly talented. Though right now I’d almost take anyone within reason.

  14. At least Collins, Cueller and Agbonlahor are back in action. Some more grit and experience will definitely help.

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