SPECULATION and ITK : Milner Done Deal, Ireland and the Manager

EDIT 12:55

Ignore all the below on Milner, Guardian twitter now saying done deal

Stephen Ireland heads to Villa Park as part of the Milner deal …

Ireland gets a three year deal and will not be able to play Thursday, we also get between £16.5m and £18m for him.


Nothing substantial to go on so far today but a few news stories going around regarding Milner and Ireland (of course !!)

Richard on VT has said

SSN just said this could be done by Thursday regardless of whether Ireland is coming this way or not.

‘Gaztonvilla’ on VT has said

The “bust up” was Ireland being told to train with the stiffs. Ireland asked for an explanation direct from Mancini but was told by Platt there wouldn’t be one.

Ireland and Man City in a meeting as I type.

Last night I was quite positive, we heard Ireland was banished to the reserves and the stories today have confirmed this, if Gazton is right as he was yesterday then the news Ireland is meeting is indicating to me that an agreement is close and therefore Milner will go.

EDIT: Danzel in the comments just said

James cooper just said on sky sports news the deal is done and jimmy is going for a medical after leaving our training ground and ireland the other way.

On the managerial situation ‘TheTrees’ on VT has said Randy is back and

I’m a let down.
It parked in full view, and a lot of people got off, but I was positioned too far away. I reckon the ‘family outing’ correspondents could have it right.
All I can say is that JK and Leonardo weren’t on board, Paul Faulkner may have been.

There was a (VT reading?) Tv cameraman on the car park, so if anyone special was on board it’s probably on your screens about now.

I spoke to a correspondent a little closer, and he didn’t recognise anyone.

It appears Martin Jol’s odds have gone down a fair bit in the bookies many from 10-1 to 5-1 if that means anything and we have had no conclusive statement from MacDonald indicating he wants the job despite speaking yesterday.

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42 comments on “SPECULATION and ITK : Milner Done Deal, Ireland and the Manager

  1. Soccernet is saying it’s done for 20 mil and physicals just need to be taken.


  2. Ian,

    What are your views now it is painfully apparent the Owner and CEO have taken control of transfers? Didn’t people once protest when they thought Ellis was doing the same thing? Here it is obviously happening and nobody gives a damn.

    • if i was them i would stop trusting oneil with transfers too.also milner wanted to go,noone was going to stop him and city wasnt going to pay £30m so if we didnt take the £18m + ireland he would be unhappy for the whole season

    • Fair question Randy and one I have pondered since MON went and I did address it above

      it certainly leaves big questions and will address them later today

  3. Sad to see him go, but cant moan at the deal nearly 20m in cash and player that only 18 months ago was rated in the £20m bracket himself.

    Shame he has sold out and gone for the money because he could do a lot better than Man City, shows he has no class.

  4. Ireland is a truly gifted player.. he doesn’t need to be all over the field like milner was on satdy, he knows to be at the right place at the right time.. The other good thing about ireland is the suprise he gives the opposition defenders with his magical , impossible through balls which will work wonders for us with the pace of Gabby.This can even work for A.young.
    The only thing that worries me is the mindset with which he comes to Villa. He has be disregarded by Mancity inspite of the fact that he has been the anchor man for them for the first half of the last season. There were talks that he was not happy to come to Villa. If thats the case there’s bound to be tensions with him and the players and even the managing staff.

  5. Sad loss. Will be a massive player for them. But Ireland could offer a lot of finesse and gives us options. We do need another CM’er though – would love to see Flamini if Randy has been in Milan??

    • flamini would be great.
      play either a 4-3-3/4-2-3-1 with either albrighton or downing


  6. Harry Redknapp is a tosser!!!

    He knows exactly what he is doing!!!Please Lerner tell him f**k off.

    Also Young is an Arsenal fan.

    I hope Spurs get hammered tonight.

  7. Sad to see the back of Milner , we can now move on,I’m pretty sure Ireland will turn out to be a great deal.
    Marc Albrughton is going to play a massive part
    in Villa’s future so to the tune of all things bright & beautiful……

    Marc Albrigtons wonderful
    He makes us fuckin proud
    Marc Albrightons wonderful
    So sing his name out loud

    Marc Albrightons wonderful
    He’l turn you back to front
    Marc Albrightons wonderful
    He’l make you look a cunt

    Marc Albrightons wonderful
    Just under 6 ft tall
    Marc Albightons wonderful
    Give him the fuckin ball

  8. Well said tadlad..:)

  9. Despite being unhappy about losing Milner, consider this:

    Real Madrid have acquired Ozil and Khedira for £23m, less than City paid (when you factor in Ireland) for Milner.

    City = mugged?

  10. Sad to see Milner leave if he does, after recent news him staying!!

    Many believe he will see City games frm the bench, tho i really believe Milly himself will make way to the starting 11.. his fighting spirit & amount running he does can not compare to any city player!

    Now regarding Ireland, he IS a quality player an do belive he will cheer up VP once settled.. he should be good mates with RD after so many years @ City and KM back in the national side days..

    Would be nice to see Milner stay AND sign Ireland too!! 😉


  11. I don’t think he’ll be on the bench, I honestly believe that Milner and Barry will form a formidable centre midfield pairing.

  12. Agreed, Dudley. Villa fans like to think that Milner won’t start because the thought makes his departure less painful. But the fact is, Milner will walk straight into City’s starting eleven.

  13. Am I the only person to think that this is a great deal? Ireland will always score goals and 18 mil in the bank!! A great bit of business from villa. Albrighton Ireland petrov downing
    I’m happy with this….

  14. Ireland can be brilliant for us IF his heart in the move; unfortunately there seems to be a bit of doubt about that initially. Fingers well and truly crossed on this one!

  15. Paul
    Ireland doesn’t run enough to play next to Petrov, nor does he have defense anywhere in his mind, we need a replacement for Milner.

  16. Meanwhile Ronald Koeman has revealed that he knows he’s on a list to take over at Villa Park and that he’s very interested in the role. Koeman who played for the likes of PSV, Ajax and Barcelona has been out of work since December 2009 when he was sacked by AZ Alkmaar for losing 7 out of his opening 16 games

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