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SPECULATION : Villa line up Jol and by next week and Maradona in come and get me

First of the Sunday’s are in and the Daily Mail link us with enquiring for Martin Jol, at last I have to say as such an obvious target. A target that according to the Poll on this blog 30% of fans want as first choice a clear favourite LINK the problem they say is Ajax’s […]

James, hope you have trouble sleeping tonight but appears you are going

EDIT After posting the below checked around and found the following on Bluemoon watching the villa game now and hes spraying passes left right and centre short and long with ease, whilst having an engine to match. really does look good albeit against a poor WH sife have several villa friends with my dad being […]

Marky Mark Albrighton shines as we storm the Hammers in the storm

First after my Milner post today, I still stick by that but after a quiet 10 minutes at the start thought he was as good as he could be. No clues in his demeanour if he will go or not but maybe he should look at the chances he has at Villa with the kids. […]

After this week is it no wonder that there are doubts over Lerner

Frosty has submitted the following article, I do not agree with the message behind it that Lerner is not better than Ellis, Lerner even after this week and my reservations is still way above still what Ellis did ================================================================================ Hello IanRobo…not sure you remember me? but I was the one you got into debate with […]

Milner can not start, would be a disgrace if he does

Short post to say I am disturbed by the number of press reports that reckons Milner will start today. I am also shocked how many Villa fans seem to support him playing, don’t they remember the lack lustre performances that Barry put in when he was forced to stay and today is about every player […]


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