Tonight’s International round up – Carew injured

Richard Dunne has started for Ireland against Argentina and despite a fitness scare earlier this weeks is still playing which is a disgrace and should have been subbed at HT

Ashley Young has come on at half time for England against Hungary and done quite well on the left in a 442 and got an assist for Gerrard’s 2nd goal

Milner came on but he does not count, but he wore boots with Sky blue on them🙂

John Carew from what I can see is not featuring at all today for their friendly against France

in the comments ‘avfc’ said

Carew doesnt play because of knee problems. He says to the local papers here, that there is a 50% chance of him playing against West Ham saturday

Bad news we need Carew’s presence on the field at these times no matter my doubts on him and remember Gabby has barely played pre season

13 comments on “Tonight’s International round up – Carew injured

  1. Haha Milner doesn’t count. Yeah, Young’s done very good, ripped the RB apart.

  2. And Carew is injured for Norway who, as we speak, leads 2-1 against France. 20 mins left.

  3. You guys (i.e., you English) were crying out for someone like Young at the World Cup. Why Capello didn’t take a proper left winger, such as Young or Johnson, I’ll never understand.

    Agree about Dunne not being subbed at the half. Disgrace.

  4. I’m not English… Just to tell you.🙂

  5. Young did very well, if our strikers were to be gambling and getting into the 6-yard box when young got the ball he would have a hatful of assists.

  6. so Heskey it is then…. sigh

    Maybe get Weiman and Fonz as a front two and Lowry with Clarke in CD. Ouch

  7. did you really notice milner when he came on? i sure did not. Hope this is the start of his demise!

    Ashley Young did us proud 2day

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