SPECULATION – Almunia, Ireland, Sven, ITK – Heskey to Sunderland – £1.5m

Yes a lot of posts today, but so much happening and on VT MYSTERMAN posted the news all of us want to happen

From another source and I think someone else mentioned it hope it’s right and I know they will let him go so here goes .

Heskey to Sunderland 1.5 mill

Of course Jones has gone from Sunderland and we had the Sunderland rumour earlier but never denied by them ,the rumour on their boards was very strong.

Mirror has come out with loads tonight

First a lame claim Almunia is coming to replace Friedel who is off to Fulham a claim Friedel totally denied


Second they claim Sven is so desperate to come here he will drop his normal massive £3m a year wages


Lastly, they claim Stephen Ireland is trying to hold up a move to Villa so he hopes Spurs will come in and get him


Others ITK’s claim Ireland deal is done and dusted

21 comments on “SPECULATION – Almunia, Ireland, Sven, ITK – Heskey to Sunderland – £1.5m

  1. hope these are fake: ireland wants to come soon, almunia wont come anywear near us friedel not going anywhere

  2. Heskey departure – yes please
    Almunia – no thank you
    Sven – no thank you

    the Milner deal will surely be concluded on Thursday with or without Ireland (i’ve heard rumours that Ireland isn’t too keen on a part exchange as he feels it undermines his real value but could end up coming in a completely serparate deal)
    I don’t believe for a second the Ireland holding up the deal in the hope Spurs come in for him though.. Mirror Zzz

  3. totally agree guys Ireland deal is rubbish and so are the other Mirror stories any of us coul make those up

  4. Almunia? Who? That garbage from Arsenal? Guzan would be first pick over him.

  5. If any club, he’s holding out for United (though I doubt City will sell him to United), he’s a United fan and Fergie’s been watching him for a while now.

  6. Yawn, Daily and Sunday Express has a quote-less article about Young wanting to leave and having to be impressed by Lerner’s will to build the club.

  7. I personally will be happy if Milner stays, we know what we get out of him, or if he goes. Ireland didn’t play much last season, he showed glimpses of class last season but we don’t know what we’ll get from him because he didn’t play much. City killed themselves with him not playing when he wasn’t injured or his price tag would be 20m+. I’ll be happy with Ireland and cash too though, don’t get me wrong.

  8. i hope the ireland deal goes through today. hes a very good player. we need a striker to this summer.
    villa are always going to have bad reports about them now because mon has left. i hope its tosh. get him in today, get keane and keep ash. thats all we need. get beye out and maybe sid

  9. Well if we’re not going to buy players, we mine as well keep the ones we have. Beye would go for maybe a million, so why sell him? He’s depth and with a smarter manager he’ll be used in say the Carling Cup or FA Cup.

    • I would pick Clark any time any position before Beye.. Beye is a joke, he prefers to sit out his contract on the bench than moving on to another club.

      i do believe Beye was MON worst signing by far.. Villa get rid of Beye asap..

  10. Liverpool site is linking Petrov and Warnock to them for 14m…

  11. Wow Mysteryman you really are awesome! How on earth did is you come up with Heskey to Sunderland? Let me see…….Kenwyne Jones to Stoke coupled with a Manager at Sunderland that as already signed Heskey twice before! Hey this ITK stuff isn’t that hard after all is it?

    • Andrew – you still don’t get it do you, Lerner wants to trim the wage bill of shite players o’neil signed but didn’t play bye being 1 of them, once that is sorted we will sign players.

      Can understand the biased media don’t get it but not the villa fans who don’t.

      • Andrew – Did not mean any offence, I base my post on your following post.

        “Well if we’re not going to buy players, we mine as well keep the ones we have. Beye would go for maybe a million, so why sell him? He’s depth and with a smarter manager he’ll be used in say the Carling Cup or FA Cup”

  12. MYSTERYMAN is one of the few ITK’s that I trust, he has been right before on a number of occasions.

  13. Let Ireland go to Spuds, he’s another one getting on my nerves. Citeh fans say he spent all last season talking about himself instead of trying to get his form back, had plenty of chances last year by all accounts and was dreadful most of the time. No doubt we have seen what he can be like, but we need consistency and not another S…well

    He wants to join the bling bling Defoe, Bently brigade, clear he doesnt want to come otherwise he would have signed for MON weeks ago

  14. classof13
    I’m one of the ones that have been saying that. Keep up with my posts and don’t comment on what you haven’t learned.

  15. If Mysteryman is so ITK then perhaps you can point me to all his ITK about O’Neill leavingRon the day it happened or maybe he was too busy at the bookies getting his bet on! He’s more FOS than ITK!!! Do you believe your horoscopes as well because they’re pure guesswork too!

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