Is this part of the MON fightback

Hattip : Vital villa

The Telegraph has the following report which I read as MON’s fight back, whilst it does not have a direct quote, it is written from a very pro MON point of view, almost guided by him.


It had become an immutable law of Premier League football that no manager could trim the fat of his wage bill while keeping his club in shape to compete, and for Villa even to suggest such a formula proved an insult too far to his intelligence.

begs the question why he stuck it for so long

As such, Lerner’s sidekick, the splendiferously-titled General Charles Krulak, might be more circumspect when he accuses O’Neill of trying to be bigger than the club by quitting. This manager has a sufficiently subtle understanding of the laws of defamation to wreak his vengeance soon.
But any legal battles, much as the meticulous O’Neill will relish them, can wait for another day. The more immediate concern for a soul so restless is to decide how on earth he fills his time.

This would wreck havoc on Villa.

I do wonder when the inevitable Pat Murphy interview will take place

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29 comments on “Is this part of the MON fightback

  1. I’m a lawyer and this is the daftest article I’ve read in a long time. Leaving a term into a law degree does not give you the mind of a barrister!

    This journo is out of his depth using tired old references. Rather than mention the 15 weeks Martin studied law why doesn’t he read something into the 4 years Martin sold insurance and mortgages in Derby City Centre?

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