RUMOURS : Sven for Villa, seen at B’ham Airport, but hope, a link to Jol

Lots of rumours around that Sven has been seen in Birmingham airport.

Mike Taylor on Twitter saying

A complete and utter rumour, but someone just rang the BBC to say they’d seen Sven at Bham Airport today. It’s going to be a mad week.

This is just one of them and another claiming odds have been slashed


Plus av-jc-86 on this very blog

Sven Goran Erikkson has just left Birmingham Airport. He arrived earlier on an Air France flight. I work at hotel next to airport and papa were everywhere

All I can say is I hope these are not true, Sven is the totally worng manager at this time to take us over, his recent record is one of unmitgated failure.

At least Tom Ross on facebook is more hopeful !

I understand that Martin O’Neills replacement will be Martin Jol. He’s
the one Villa want according to my sources…Obviously its whether he
wants to take the job. But he definitely fancies another crack at the
Premier League.

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47 comments on “RUMOURS : Sven for Villa, seen at B’ham Airport, but hope, a link to Jol

  1. Better to give macdonald some games, see where we are at Christmas and who is available then

    • I know a lot of people Tima think like that but Macdonald has said before he does not want ot be manager and once the novelty has worn off we are in for a long slog and he will not be allowed to buy anyone.

      If concerns me greatly if no manager is place this time next week because of the transfer window and we simply HAVE to buy.

      Look at the injuries now, Collins, Carew, Gabby, Cuellar

      we are one major injury away from a crisis, the kids are there to fill in for odd games not until xmas.

      any delay in a new manager will be a disaster

  2. If Jol is doin crap, then why do we want him (strange argument to use for getting him to come to Villa). Sven is a good club manager, regardless of some of the comments against him; Hiddink has just started Turkey contract and won’t leave (look at Chelsea when he was Russia coach); Some of the other names are just laughable (Klinnsman, Southgate, Zola)…i just hope it is sorted out sooner rather than later so we can get on with this season

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