The Premier League to run schools, talk about a failure

This story in the Guardian the PL are investigating to run some schools under the government’s new concept of ‘free schools’.

Now I am a labour supporter so this is not about discussing the concept of this but rather the idea a failed organisation like the PL would want to run schools. This effects Villa as we are an equal shareholder in the PL and we should be against this idea for the following reasons

1) Any spare money should be used to develop football’s grass roots

2) The PL should not be involved in what will be a political hot potato in future years

3) Villa already have a very good scheme in liaising with local schools and this should be the better aim of liaising at local level

The overall point is that the PL has proved to be incapable of running it’s own affairs (Thaskin at Man City, the Pompey debacle) and we should be an honourable club and slap down Scudamore for such a stupid idea.

In fact I would like Villa to be a forefront of leading a reform revolution against the PL and remembering what our great history is and remember what McGregor stood for.

For brilliance and, at the same time consistency of achievement, for activity in philanthropic enterprise, for astuteness and management and for general alertness, the superiors of Aston Villa cannot be found.

5 comments on “The Premier League to run schools, talk about a failure

  1. Since when has the Premier League been a failed organisation? They’re massively successful! The money they have managed to bring into the game is incredible. Since the PL started English football has gone from average league but for the fans, to one of the world’s biggest leagues but for the money men. And they certainly know how to look after their own as we know from JM’s and GB’s desire to earn crazy bucks at Citeh. If the PL looks after kids like they look after those within their organisation including all the clubs that gave dropped out of the PL, they can only be a success.

  2. It is a failed organisation, peopel talk about how successful it is so why did we have this

    – the Tevez scandal and the PL’s reluctance to relegate West Ham

    – So many clubs including us in massive debt and keep having to rescued

    – allowed the pompey situation

    – allowed a murderer to take over City – Thaskin

    – Fulham wanting the useless Dave Richards sacked after interferring over a transfer

    – The PL allowing a few clubs ot dominate at the expense over the rest of us

    get this right, the PL is only successful because peopel like our style of football and the likes of Man U and Liverpool are very successful in their own right abroad.

    As for being a success and best league, suggest people look at Spain and what they have acheieved.

    Or for corporate governance – Germany where there are strict financial and ownership rules and now producing quality youngsters we can only dream of.

    Or maybe in my view only one true world class player now plays in the PL – Torres

  3. The PL needs to buck up it’s ideas – taking a leap out of NFL’s book wouldn’t be a bad idea (see their personal conduct policy http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=2798214).

    However, a school run by a PL club isn’t necessarily a bad idea. One of the issues of grassroots football is that they don’t address the whole person – they rarely even address the whole player. Most clubs already have some form of education and training combination with their acadamy players and this could easily be extended to work with younger kids – in terms of development in any area, the younger you start the better.

    There is something in this, but there are issues with the PL that perhaps can’t be overcome. Perhaps the FA would be better for this?

  4. RE: Ianrobo & Philo,

    You both make valid points lads. The ppl on this site seem interested in talking about real issues unlike other sites. I love it…

    The idea of the Prem Lge starting Schools is a good idea in principle..In principle?? I sound like a politican! lol All joking aside though, It could be a great idea as long as it’s regulated properly.

    How many kids leave school early with no proper education? It’s unbelieveable how many kids go to secondary school not being able to read or write properly. The stats are shocking. If kids know they have a chance of getting into football in some form or other then they’ll be less likely to mess up in school.

    It could work on many levels but what exactly are the Prem Lge’s motives for this. What if everything went tits up in the Prem Lge and these schools were at risk? Would the GOV be expected to stump up the cash to cover the Lge?? It needs to be looked into further b4 the GOV or whoever ia incharge of this kinda thing gives it the go ahead. There are lots of factors involved in these schools ideas.
    Would the taxpayer be expected to pick up the bill for the Lge also?

    I know i’m entering into the realms of fantasy now but these are questions that need to be asked….UTV….

    Great post and comments again lads….

  5. How is the premier league a failed organisation?????? what a ridiculous thing to say

    plus i dont think the pompy thing was the PL fault

    but i agree they should put the money into grass roots rather than schools

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