ITK – McGeady wants to come to Villa and only interest for Keane – SHA

‘hihoastonvilla’ on VT has posted the following, usual warning about not taking this as gospel truth.

Just met with a friend who works at Celtic and he said pretty much what was already known or could be guessed.

McGeady apparently told Lennon months ago he wanted to move.
His preferred destination is Villa.
Villa have shown interest.
Moscow have bid around £10 million (Croatian keeper who Spurs want might go the other way)
Villa won’t match the Moscow offer.

He also said that we’re losing club doctor and sports scientist to Celtic.

Also apparently the only concrete interest in Robbie Keane so far this summer has come from….. SHA.

8 comments on “ITK – McGeady wants to come to Villa and only interest for Keane – SHA

  1. come on mate !!

    small heath alliance

  2. tbh how is this ITK i dont know, SHA were mentioned in a report early in the summer but they cant afford his wages. Neither can us at the moment but hey ho

  3. If we miss out on him and he goes there everyone involved with the club should be ashamed of themselves.

  4. Getting bored of this! And this inactivity is meant to drum up interest in renewing season tickets? Zzzzzzzzz…

  5. WHO THE FU** IS SHA!!!

  6. Keane is shot. He has been for 2 seasons. Liverpool dropped him like a hot brick. Please let B lose get him…oh what joy to visit B6…. as they think they have another coup over us lot, like when they signed Burchill (remember him…no…exactly) from the pub league because they thought we wanted him. Talking of the pub league…thats where Keane has excelled… because its rubbish.

    PS Please PLEASE play Albrighton

  7. heard keanes going 2 cliftonville anyway!

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