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SPECULATION : Milner compromise on £28m, Spurs swaps for Young

The Mirror once again comes up with some corkers. First up is that they reckon Villa and Man city will compromise at £28m cash after a precise £24,6m was rejected. We have dismissed swaps for Ireland and Bellamy as we want all cash. LINK Secondly and rather boring a story that Spurs will offer Keane, […]

ITK – Milner deal collapsed and MON turning into Cloughie

On H&V a regular poster called Juan Pablo has said the Milner deal has collapsed Milner deal looks off – Milner thinks it will collapse ( until next year )) Its what he feels… not saying a lot.. The clubs aint saying a lot neither Well thats what James feels..I can only tell you what […]

SSN – Young turns down transfer and linked with Fulham

Hat tip – ‘MonsXI’ Villatalk Sky Sports News are reporting that Luke Young has turned down a move to Liverpool for ‘family reasons’ I hope he gets a decent move but he may need to reduce his wage demands if he wants a move to say Fulham or West Ham who have been linked before. […]

In defence of Stan Petrov

Since the Mirror story broke last night it was going to always be obvious that it would split fans between those who say ‘good riddance’ and those who say he should stay. There is no doubt whatsoever that Stan Petrov divides support amongst the Villans and for various reasons. However to address the naysayers I […]


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