Some more ITK – Dickson Etutu

Some more In the Know stuff today will update as we go on today, these remember should just be taken for what they are. Most will prove to be BS.

From Dante_Lockhart on Villatalk

My mate of a mate of a mucker says we’re currently in talks with Fulham for Dickson Etuhu with the possibility of cash + Sidders. Just waiting on the managerial position to be sorted first.

21 comments on “Some more ITK – Dickson Etutu

  1. he wouldn’t be good in a 442 but decent if we played with 3 centre mids.

  2. maybe an improvement on sidwell but havent really seen enough to make any judgement, would only really take dempsey from fulham imo

  3. You have fucked his name in the title completely:)

  4. jesus christ i’ve heard it all now. Is there any way we can stop saying people are in the know when they clearly are not. We had “Mysteryman” 2 weeks ago saying the Milner deal was done, couldn’t have been any further from the truth. We can all just keep guessing and eventually be right, a broken clock is right twice a day

  5. Mysteryman is the only one ITK who I believe to. He is proved ITK imho.

  6. WHat has Mysteryman actually proved then? Has he ever come up with a deal that no one has heard or does he just take a guess based on whats reported in the media. If i see an example of something then i will take my hat off to him

  7. he got one or two things right, but like 80% of what he has said is bull – mysteryman

  8. There are three people on this planet that know fully who we are signing and what the state of play is at VP.

    Lerner, Faulkner, Oneill.

    Mystery man is as reliable as the rest of us.

  9. not fit our ambition .

  10. If you use VT you would see that over the years MysteryMan has been a reliable source of info, 80% of the time he has been right, and he’s got alot more than “one or two” things right and i kno myself personally that he is in the know at the club

  11. Mysteryman is a useful ITK, he is not 100% reliable but who is but he got Warnock and a few others before anyone else did

    always take these as a pinch of salt please !

    justing letting you know what is being said

  12. do we have any money atall :S ? im so depressed and angry with the club
    luke young who imo is our best defender and 20 times as good as cuellar who slows play down and loses the ball and we let him go for 2.7 m ? what a shambles . Honestley i can see no signings coming in and maybe even a relegation fight if im honestt . Its bad times for us villa fans , No signings or we might sign 1 joker from the championship or spl . im a sad sad villa fan😦

  13. and btw if oneil had any speck of knowledge he would of brought in keane before pre season when he was worth about 5-6 m now hes worth 12m and pleasee bring in or atleast bid for ……..

    CRAIG BELLAMYY , 5m for what is in my opinion the best player in the premiership

  14. I don’t really who we are linked with. The fact remains if we don’t sell Milner then we won’t hav any money to improve the squad.

    Ok, so selling Jimmy isn’t ideal but if he wants to go then sell him and use the money wisely. We have to make good use of any money we have available. The days of wasting 5mil here and there are gone. We can’t affoed it now! Lerners actions prove that.

    Don’t get me wrong though, i’m not angry we have to sell to buy as long as we do our best to replace the good players we sell (for a massive profit) with top young players who we can sell on in the future for another massive profit…

    We will struggle to keep hold of our best players if we don’t improve every season from now on…Barry/ Milner are proof of that. I know, Jimmy’s not left yet but it’s only a matter of time til he does…I can see Ashley Young leaving nxt yr if we’re not careful…We have to get the best price for Jimmy we can or we will lose out the next time someone courts one of our best players..

    I’m sick and tired of Man City thinkin they can bully us into a quick sale, and at the price they say? Either they stump up the 30mil or they offer 23/4/5mil and a good player…Stephen Ireland or Graig Bellamy would do with 25mil! Lovelyjubley!!!UTV…UTV….UTV….VillaArmy!

  15. So, we’ve been linked to Afellay… My dream has come true with the link… I just wish we could get him, though we are supposedly the only club in for him as Hamburg pulled out and with only 12 months left, I can see moving Sidwell, Shorey and Young giving us the cash to buy him.

  16. aj,
    what are you on about?
    LY our best defender?

    “Honestley i can see no signings coming in and maybe even a relegation fight if im honestt”


    “CRAIG BELLAMYY , 5m for what is in my opinion the best player in the premiership”

    So the 90k a week that is well over our limit has nothing to do with it?

    You’ve got to be kidding me.

    Lay off the crack mate, the comedowns don’t suit you.

  17. Badger, you beat me to it mate

    aj, you are correct, you are indeed one sad Villa fan. You might have added you know nothing about football. I don’t like to slag Villa fans off but you really are taking the piss

  18. If Luke Young barely plays what is the problem with losing him? I think the Peace Cup last season proved we have very good up and coming players so lets actually put some faith in them. Lichaj will be good competition for Cuellar so I don’t see any problem there. Albrighton again is on fire pre-season, he’ll end up a great winger if we give him the chance so there’s no need to spend on the wings for the time being. The Fonz has got pace and skill in abundance and Weimann is showing he can be deadly in the box with his performances in the Hong Kong sevens and against Walsall. There’s more than just that too, don’t forget we finished runners up in the premier reserve league title and only on penalties – that was against Man Utd and I’m sure they’ll be drawing a lot from their reserves this season too. We were also runners up in the FA Youth Cup, lets not forget that either. I personally don’t see the problem in losing players who don’t play when you’ve got a talented set of youngsters to draw from.

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