Bleating over the Kit

It seems on the Villa boards all you hear at the moment is whining and moaning. I am not saying people do not have the right to be unhappy but many people and I know many are not kids are not looking at the bigger picture and the situation we are in.

The typical example of this is the moaning over the late kit release date. I have had a think about the situation from Villa’s point of view.

What if the delay was caused by the late negotiations over the FxPro sponsorship, this was much more difficult than anyone could imagine and ran very close to the deadline for any shirt to be made?

It’s more likely just the time it takes to add a sponsor logo when the deal was only agreed a short while ago.

Think about the size of Nike and the factory capacity and planning procedures they have. Who gets made first (ie. Man Utd or Barcelona) shouldn’t really be an issue and that’s why I’d be surprised if that was the case.

This kit was probably designed some time ago. Even with all the kits Nike make that sort of timeframe should be fine.

If we were with a smaller company then the signing of a late sponsor might have had even more of an impact.

There is the example of Fulham with Kappa but realistically their print run should be much smaller and the initial deliveries may be very small.

Villa are not blameless in the lack of clarification over the delay which left a vacuum in which people can moan and maybe a small amount could be put on sale early, but the hysterics on some forums are simply OTT.

12 comments on “Bleating over the Kit

  1. i agree……… does anyone know what day the squad fly to portugal????

  2. Don’t worry about the kit…… Just hope that we get a 20 goal a season player. Shane long from Reading would do the job. Better then anyone we are linked with. Please martin get him for 3m tops

  3. Shane Long? Jesus christ…

  4. You are talking nonsense, its ridiculous that the strip isn’t available until after the start of the season, no matter what its unacceptable.

  5. god its only a kit and imho not even a great one. Some people are just not happy unless they can moan. Next thing you know all these people will start moaning about James Milner playing for us at the start of the season. JUST GROW UP AND SHUT UP

  6. hahaha Shane Long, why dont we also go for Bechio, Leeds are stalling on a deal for him, he’d get us 20 goals easy

  7. Who cares when the new kit is on general sale, I’m not interested in being ripped off by the diabolical price tag, that’s my whinge and whine!

  8. It’s a mistake for the kit not to be ready–there’s no denying that. But it doesn’t really matter a wole lot. So who cares?

  9. New kit not on sale until 16th Sept (home) and 23rd (away)!! i know it’s not the biggest problem at the club, but it does look crap😦

  10. i think its laughable that grown men are getting so angry over a football shirt!!! jesus i think i was about 14 the last time i wasted my hard earned money on one

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