ITK information on Milner, Ireland, Luke Young and Carlton Cole

Always the same provsio, caution, this is only information being posted and not to be taken as the literal truth !

Some sites have dropped their ITK thread, not sure why, always great fun !


On Ireland –

We are in pole position

When asked if part of the Milner deal –

Seperate deal and it’s not likely to happen anytime soon unless someone else nips in and forces our hand . Don’t believe all this we got to sell Milner either for it to happen they were looking at him before Milner became an issue .

If Ireland is happy to come –

From the City end not Villa’s apparently yes but then again they told me that the deal for Milner was done at 28 mill and clearly isn’t . Also Onura ( Spelling shocking ) is interested in coming again from the City end .

From ‘Michael Porter’ on this blog regarding information a deal would be done today

I can confirm the only thing holding the deal up now is Irelands reluctance to join Villa. Mancini has re contacted O’Neill to re adjust the bid to include Shaun Wright Phillips – but O’Neill is playing hard ball & wants Ireland ! Contrary to reports yesterday, the meeting with Milner and his lagal team did not go well & he’s insistent on leaving Villa. There are 4 to 5 deals being held up due to the Milner saga. one is a huge deal for a striker.
I will post more as and when I receive the information – if requested !

On H&V – Dave Woodhall

Heard Liverpool have bid for Luke Young

From ‘Dexterblue’ on bluemoon

I was at a golf pro am a couple of weeks ago in Limerick and Martin O’Neill was there…I asked him if Villa were going to buy Ireland…We had a bit of a laugh about the number of grandmother he has and asked me if I was related to him!!! But before he left he got serious and said he thought he was an excellent player. I took it that thinks a lot of him as a player but would not be bidding.

Finally ‘Smetrov’ on VT has said

A friend of mine who knows a physio at villa – reckons we are prepared to pay £16m for Carlton Cole

Make of that what you will, but remeber this is real life and not FM, things are never that simple, with MON certainly not !

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34 comments on “ITK information on Milner, Ireland, Luke Young and Carlton Cole

  1. first!

    Cut your losses oneill, I respect your stance but surely now is the time to get rid and move on and rebuild.

  2. I was really looking forward to hearing that Milner ws gone today so that this whole sage would be over. seems like he will be travelling to Portugal for the friendlies so do not see this being resolved anytime soon. the fanger for me is that our new look team should have a handful of games to gel together or else we may have a poor start to the season.

  3. Huge deal for a striker?
    Any ideas who is it?

    • its fernando torres. he is uhappy at liverpool and wants MON to coach him!!!
      its gonna be a trade, sidwell for torres-no cash

  4. More claptrap from supposed ITK’s. They have no more idea than the rest of us as to what will happen and who we are after.
    I will take the sensible approach and wait until anything is officially confirmed on the Villa site.

  5. Probably Drogba for £20m then Torres to Chelsea.

    Regardless of whether MON wanted JM out or JM wanted to go. JM now HAS to go as it’s detrimental to the club if he stays.

  6. The stephen Ireland thing is a dead duck as his wages at Citeh are to high simple as !!!

  7. 16m carlton cole where did he hear that? inside a cracker?

  8. If we sign Carlton Cole I will actually cry.

    Likewise Bobby Zamora.

  9. Hopefully Suarez – Jol is skint.

    • RE: Stig,

      Alrite mate…

      i’d love to get Suarez to Villa pk. He’s a real goalscorer…now he’d be a much needed boost to the teams confidence!

  10. i think i read something about adebayor being available for loan, maybe he could be included in the milner deal

  11. I think the striker deal being held up is Man Citys’ bid for Balotelli from Inter. Apparently they have their best negotiators working on the Milner deal. So I’ve heard anyway…..

  12. ” A friend of mine who knows a physio at villa – reckons we are prepared to pay £16m for Carlton Cole

    Make of that what you will, but remeber this is real life and not FM, things are never that simple, with MON certainly not !”

    lol… Carlton Cole, one of the worst strikers in the EPL. West Ham wanted 12m and then cut the price down for Stoke. O’Neill’s not stupid enough to make Cole our highest transfer ever.

  13. I’d rather pay £16m on George Cole than that useless lump.

  14. In what Stratosphere is Carlton Cole worth 16mil???? If we stump up 16mil for him then i’m finished with the club,,,,I swear it down right now!!! Milner should be sold but why should we take another loss b’cos another one of our players had his hd turned by the Filth at Citeh! They think they can bully us into accepting what they say….F@ck em!! 30MILLION OR 25 AND STEPHEN IRELAND…..We want Stephen Ireland. As for Irelands Wages. He cannot be on more than 50grand a wk…How could he be on more than that?? He’s had one top season, that’s it!!

  15. Do you have a link to the Michael Porter blog?

    And does he mean deals for City or Villa that are being held up. I’m presuming the huge deal for striker is Balotelli to City.

  16. it was comments he posted on THIS blog mate !

  17. Oh I see now. I thought he had a blog where he leaks ITK info.

    So after Milner is sold, there’ll be a flurry of signings. I hope so

  18. DAMN IT!

  19. everyone this michael porter guy doent know anymore than us . hes making up excuses now because he was wrong . Of he was in the know come out and say the deals on hold and wen the milner deal will be completed , i dont belive any of it .
    sad times for us fans honestley cant see 1 player coming to us in the summer
    oneil is a joke

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