ITK information on Milner, Ireland, Luke Young and Carlton Cole

Always the same provsio, caution, this is only information being posted and not to be taken as the literal truth !

Some sites have dropped their ITK thread, not sure why, always great fun !


On Ireland –

We are in pole position

When asked if part of the Milner deal –

Seperate deal and it’s not likely to happen anytime soon unless someone else nips in and forces our hand . Don’t believe all this we got to sell Milner either for it to happen they were looking at him before Milner became an issue .

If Ireland is happy to come –

From the City end not Villa’s apparently yes but then again they told me that the deal for Milner was done at 28 mill and clearly isn’t . Also Onura ( Spelling shocking ) is interested in coming again from the City end .

From ‘Michael Porter’ on this blog regarding information a deal would be done today

I can confirm the only thing holding the deal up now is Irelands reluctance to join Villa. Mancini has re contacted O’Neill to re adjust the bid to include Shaun Wright Phillips – but O’Neill is playing hard ball & wants Ireland ! Contrary to reports yesterday, the meeting with Milner and his lagal team did not go well & he’s insistent on leaving Villa. There are 4 to 5 deals being held up due to the Milner saga. one is a huge deal for a striker.
I will post more as and when I receive the information – if requested !

On H&V – Dave Woodhall

Heard Liverpool have bid for Luke Young

From ‘Dexterblue’ on bluemoon

I was at a golf pro am a couple of weeks ago in Limerick and Martin O’Neill was there…I asked him if Villa were going to buy Ireland…We had a bit of a laugh about the number of grandmother he has and asked me if I was related to him!!! But before he left he got serious and said he thought he was an excellent player. I took it that thinks a lot of him as a player but would not be bidding.

Finally ‘Smetrov’ on VT has said

A friend of mine who knows a physio at villa – reckons we are prepared to pay £16m for Carlton Cole

Make of that what you will, but remeber this is real life and not FM, things are never that simple, with MON certainly not !

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34 comments on “ITK information on Milner, Ireland, Luke Young and Carlton Cole

  1. OK if I quote that back at you on Septemeber 1st aj ?

  2. It’s alright. The Guardian has now linked Carlton Cole with Real Madrid… Lol

    I just read that Milner could actually stay. Which throws out the transfers that we want. Ireland, Witsel… I think we can still get Keane based off Young and Sidwell if Lerner throws in the extra Million but still.

  3. So 1 person ITK says Ireland is a separate deal, another says Ireland is holding up the deal. Another fella ‘ITK’ can’t spell Onuha and MON is apparently taking the p*ss out of potential targets with Joe Public on a golf course. This is desperate stuff.

  4. Lets get one thing straight, only Mr Lerner and Paul Faulkner know whats going on, O’Niell has given them a player interest list, and a player surplus list, and they deal with bids coming in too. That makes three very secretive people in charge of the goings on. I’vbe been involved with the club for years and I can absolutely guarrantee, security guards, physio’s, secretary’s etc…… have no idea whats going at at Bodymoor or VP in the transfer market. Any hype or leaks are given or made up by agents and their ‘sources’. It really is silly season at full flow !

  5. I am so frustrated with this whole milner transfer , its stopping us doing anything milners worth about 15m if im honest and we should sell him for 24m and get in some more players , Im a huge villa fan have been my whole life but honestly lads this season we could be in deep deep trouble without any signings and it doesnt look like that will be happening unless the unloyal “i want to join city ” james milner leaves

  6. MON thinks he is playing a full tilt poker game with the Milner transfer,so will hold out until the very last moment just hope the other player Mancini does not fuck it.

  7. should have said Mancini does not SAY fuck it.

  8. then we keep Milner, RESULT !

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