SPECULATION : A NEW link WOW, this time SWP, Milner £30m or no deal and also Ireland told he can leave

Yes I am so very excited that the Mirror (woah, hold on there) have linked us to a relatively new name, yes this time Shaun Wright-Phillips, the inconsistent out of favour Man City winger.


They claim a deal could be done as he looks favourably on a move to Villa as a makeweight for Milner.

Lets hope not, he is the least impressive of any winger option we have

And still 5 more weeks to go of this nonsense !

The Sun reports that Villa will hold firm to not accepting anything less than £30m for Milner


Thanks to a poster (‘reality’) on Villatalk he has linked a story from the Times (behind paywall)

Stephen Ireland told he’s unlikely to be included in #MCFC 25-man squad next season and can leave the club

In other words there are offers for him, PLEASE let it be us

20 comments on “SPECULATION : A NEW link WOW, this time SWP, Milner £30m or no deal and also Ireland told he can leave

  1. dont really care for SWP.he can be good backup for youg but is too expensive

  2. Agreed. His wages at City is something we can’t match, nor should we match.

  3. Sell Milner 25m plus Ireland forget about SWP the get mcgeady for 9 million (b4 Moscow get him)..Then get keane for around 6m then a rb and Bentley and 1 more striker

  4. Let,s look at the unthinkable, Milner stays.
    we still need to add to the team to have some chance of a top four finish, where is the money going to come from
    MON says he has to sell to buy, who other can he sell that will bring in enough money to buy the players we need which will bring added value to a resonable strong foundation of a team, one to build on , not to dismantle
    FX say they can provide 10 million this year thats one fairly good player, where will the resy come from?

  5. keith
    I don’t think the cash is a problem. I’m sure Lerner can give O’Neill some. It’s the wages that Lerner wants to keep under control.

  6. we will have money to spend MON is just playing the game, i wouldnt imagine randy is willing just to hand over 40m but im sure he is ready with his cheque book should MON ask for it and obviosly if we sell milner plus other fringe players we could have a good wod to spend

    milner 25m
    Shorey 2m
    sidwell 3m
    beye 2m
    l.young 3m
    reo-coker 4m

    thats 40m plus say 10m ( just hopefully randy money really dont hold me to it!!!!!!!) and if we bought ireland and keane we would already be better off as apart from milner none of them really played last year or have made a real impact since arriving (maybe l.young excluded) im still really optimistic, but if the unthinkable happens and milner stays things may be more tricky

  7. The Mirror…. ha ha ha ha the blag rag…. they join the dots like a two year old…. its pathetic…. they just make up their own rumours….

    Milner £27m ish to Citeh

    Ireland £12m ish to Villa

    1st of August…

  8. Why does everyone want to sell NRC, we need cheap players like him due to numbers we have. All we need is someone to replace milner and a goal scorer like keane.

  9. Rich
    I agree about Reo-Coker but he has to play. He’s a very talented player.

    I’d still love to see Witsel come in or Flamini (Witsel would cost double Flamini but is 4-5 years younger and is one of the top up and coming Belgium players).

    • We have NRC and Delph who I think are good and if we can get 3-4m for sidwel and bring in somone for milner like noble from west ham, it would be good. But we must spend the milner money on a goal scorer, I know 1 player does not make a team but the amount of times young put a world class cross in last year and heskey or Carew wasted it was far too much. Top striker=top 4.

  10. PLEASE GOD, anyone but Wright-Philips. The rest I can take in jest but any mention of that clown sends shivers up my spine.

  11. question do we have the required number of players of 25 that fifa stipulate, we always seen to have the smallest squad in the league,
    soory to ask these questions but in South Africa we do not get all the news
    and if we don not then players like Reo-Coker would fit the make up bill

  12. nowhere near Keith, I reckon we assume some go and some come in we will will have 21-23 but there again you don;t need many more than that unless you are really unlucky with injuries.

    • i think its like andrew mentioned its the wage bill that will go some ways to dictate the amount of players in the squad, MON just has to get the right mix

  13. Milner exchange for Ireland, Hart & Onahua plus £2-3m.

    Sell Guzan (2), Shorey (2.5), L Young (2), Beye (1), Davies (6), Osbourne (1), Sidwell (3), Heskey (2) plus Harewood, Bouma and Salifou off wages. Realises about 20m + 10m from FXPro.

    Sign Clyne (3), LB cover (2), Bentley (8), Prince Boateng (5), Dorrans/O’Hara (6/4), Keane/Bellamy (6).

    I would consider selling NRC if we could get Flamini in as replacement as MON probably won’t use him.

    Plenty of options and broadly wage bill neutral I would have thought. 12 out and 9/10 in (MON needs to get his ass in gear)!

  14. Milner will be sold, for me that´s sure. Then we need a central goalscoring midfielder. It´s not SWP as it´s not Barry (who was mentioned at internet) and it will not be A. Young or Downing. It could be Ireland or Defour, maybe Dorrans (has signed contract with WBA). We need such a player and I´m sure MON has one on radar.
    About 25 men squad we have no problem:

    15 Homegrown:
    Marshall (?),Collins, Davies, Dunne, Lichaj, Shorey, Warnock, L. Young, Downing, Milner, Reo-Coker, Sidwell, A. Young, Agbonlahor, Heskey

    7 Foreigner:
    Friedel, Guzan, Beye, Cuellar, Petrov, Salifou, Carew,

    6 U21:
    Clark, Albrighton, Bannan, Delph, Delfouneso, Weimann

  15. I think it’s pointless sellin our fringe players for 2-4m each because where are we going to get players better then NRC or cutis Davis for that money. A good player today cost 8m at least and selling 3 players to get the money to buy 1 in not a good idea. Bring back the good old days when we got players off the teams that went down for cheap, draper, curcic, etc

  16. So it now transpires that no matter what we get from the (on/off/on/off) sale of Milner, not all of it will go on strengthening the squad. So the question arises…..where is the rest of it going???

  17. I know it won’t happen, but why not get a few freebies? There’s still loads of talent, like Koren, Geovanni. Hull City has some excellent youngsters we could look at. A player like Tom Cairney and if we do sign any young central defender it should be Liam Cooper. He was great the game he played against Arsenal as a sub. Wasn’t that bad in the 6-1 defeat to Pool but Hull City were just bad that day.

  18. […] SPECULATION : A NEW link WOW, this time SWP, Milner £30m or no deal and also Ireland told he can l… Yes I am so very excited that the Mirror (woah, hold on there) have linked us to a relatively new name, yes this time […] […]

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