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SPECULATION : Heskey to Blackburn for £2m, Ash Young to Spurs, Davies and yes Keane

A couple of rumours on the internet at the moment, which backs up something I was told yesterday. On H&V ‘Risso’ posted what looks a strange ITK about his wife second cousin removed or something like that being told that Heskey will go to Blackburn for £2m. backed up by I’ve just heard the Heskey […]

Don’t give up on the Villa

Posted this on the mailing list in response to someone thinking he may give up going, well worth repeating here —————————————————————————————————- This could easily turn into a I am a bigger than you fan thing, so to clarify this post not about this. Why do I keep going ? Simple Because I am a Villa […]

North Stand redevelopment planning documents

For those of you interested (geeky) enough to want to see the North Stand development application then Birmingham Council now have them on line. The main feature appears to be that extra space is being generated by adding a floor where the North Stand super Box was thus giving much valuable space for fans to […]


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