SPECULATION : Young to go next (don’t worry not THAT one)

The Mirror who of course said last night that Milner would stay are now saying that Luke Young did not travel to Ireland in order to set himself up a transfer, with Fulham favourites, are they becoming the next Bolton or Middlesbrough ?


Something happened between Young and MO, we do not know the details but this is inevitable and for some people will add fuel to the fire after the Milner news today.

15 comments on “SPECULATION : Young to go next (don’t worry not THAT one)

  1. lihaj signed a 3yr contract this week so this could be true.I think lihaj is better going forward anyway

  2. Either Young leaving is a worry….

  3. Young’s reputation among Villa fans does not match his quality, I’m afraid to say. He’s a good right back, OK. But people seem to think he’s GREAT and one of the best in the league. Sorry, I just don’t see it all.

    • with you VFT, he is a good player, I like him but he is not the great RB some think

      he got outdone by pace by many and his attacking skills were not as good as some said.

      whatever happened with his brother has probably affected him and we do not see what goes behind the scenes

  4. how is Lichaj better going forward?

    why are people so deluded and think the young players are any good and they can step straight in to a top 6 side.

    • Good comment but this yank is improving and if he don’t break the team this year he will struggle to after, he reminds me of ridgewell when he was breaking through…

  5. Villa players wore their squad numbers from last season for the Peterborough match with the exception of Lichaj, who had 2 on his back – Luke Young’s 2009-10 squad number.

  6. Hate to see Luke going. Very good defender, can play either side. Can train Lichaj into being just as versatile on either flank. Good luck to wherever he goes.

  7. Lichaj had the loan spell away and I asked the Orient fans about him and they think he had great potential

    I liked him in the peace cup and Mr Anus, when should you blood the players, they have to be given the chance.

    The fact Cuellar talked about being at CB indicates someone is either coming in or Lichaj

  8. He was a great player, he played out of position and was outstanding at left bk, after his brother died he never really got a game and that was villas loss, will be missed I wish him all the best, I reckon fulham will get he is a londener

  9. this yank is improving and if he don’t break the team this year he will struggle to after, he reminds me of ridgewell when he was breaking through…

  10. Sadly, Luke Young leaving seems to be true. I work in education in Solihull. I know his kids used to go to one of the schools in the area. I have been told that his kids won’t be re-enrolling back at the school come next term

  11. I liked Luke. When he joined us I thought we’d got ourselves a quality full-back and the 08/09 season I think he proved we had. But I just didn’t understand O’Neill’s continuing faith in Cuellar. It was not the Spaniard’s fault that he was struggling out of position, but I just didn’t understand why Luke wasn’t playing.

    I think we’ll miss him, and I worry more that it suggests Cuellar is to continue as full-back.

    Lets hope another right back is coming in.

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