Patrick Collins has it so WRONG about Randy Lerner

Patrick Collins of the Sunday Mail is a writer I greatly admire and many times totally agree with but in tonight’s Mail and comment piece he has got a factual bit of information over Aston Villa totally wrong.

In the article after England’s exit he places a lot of the blame on the foreign owners and their money making attempts and says

What does Abramovich of Chelsea care about the team of another nation? What does the England side mean to the Sheik at Manchester City, or the Glazers at United, or Lerner at Villa?

They are running businesses from which they hope to turn a profit or generate prestige.

They wish England well, just as they hope that tomorrow might be a nice day. But they will do nothing to further the cause of the national team.


How wrong about Randy could he be or it shows based in London he has no awareness of what Randy is. I do not need to correct the facts for Villa fans but here goes for those he may not know.

Randy is a confirmed Anglophile from the time he studied at Oxford and worked at MBNA at Chester. He sought out an English club to own because of this and picked us because we represented the best traditions of English football. So from the time he brought us we saw what he has done preserving the tradition and making us what we used to be. On top of this he has also

– spent millions on building a traditional farmhouse close to Bodymoor Heath

– donated £5m to the Tate gallery

For Villa we have spent money on a core of English players in the team and of course sent three to the world cup with Young, Gabby, Downing you would imagine itching to be in the future squads before long. At youth level he spent £8m on a the training ground bringing in all the latest technology in order to produce home grown English based quality talent and we are seeing this now with Clark, Delfounesno and Albrighton as quality ENGLISH talent for the future.

Is that really the actions of

But they will do nothing to further the cause of the national team

please go onto the article link and leave your sensible comments for them to read and I have asked he withdraws Randy name.

24 comments on “Patrick Collins has it so WRONG about Randy Lerner

  1. He put a team of English players that kind of suck. Sidwell? Shorey? Reo-Coker is quite good but O’Neill doesn’t play him to his talents. I have to agree with Patrick Collins actually. While Lerner is better than what we had, he’s not a top 4 owner. He turned us around and once we got close to 4th with a lot of neutral fans he closes the wallet. That’s the sign of a person wanting money. Making the company big with fans and then not wanting to spend. Pretend he has little money left.

    • the accounts show he has at least another £50 to invest in Villa

      yes some of the English players are never good enough but you could say that about any signings from any club

  2. Mark Albrighton is from Belgium.

  3. Mark Albrighton is a 30+ year old player from England. Marc Albrighton is the 20 year old Villa player WHO IS ENGLISH.

  4. Actually it was £5million to the National Portrait Gallery

  5. Lerner has been good to Aston Villa, just as Aston Villa has been good to Mr Lerner.

    Do not get carried away with the marketing from the club about our heritage. If he was so concerned about the heritage of the club he would not have rebranded it into the sterile bland we now have.

    As for the training ground, that was sanctioned by Doug Ellis 2 years prior to his sale of the club.

    Our academies have been long established & we have a history of bringing through young talent, because as a club we need to as we do not have the resources to compete with the top 4.

    Finally, our policy of having young English talent is the choice of the manager as he picks his squad. This you could argue has been a poor strategy as English players are over priced & over paid compared to their European counter parts.

  6. Rob my good fellow.

    ‘Sterile bland’ We have just signed the biggest sponsorship deal in our history with one of the world’s leading financial companies in their particluar niche. Our corporate fanbase has increased massively.

    Yes Doug sanctioned the new training ground but he also stopped it from being completed. Randy put the rest of the money forward to complete the task.

    Our English core has got us to 3 (yes 3) consecutive 6th placed finishes. Can you tell me the last time we have been so consistent in mine and your lifetime?

  7. I find the criticism that Rob gives very hard to take.

    The training ground, facts, it was put into mothballs around 8 months before the takeover, not even half finished. randy came in saw the plans and totally redesigned them and spend an extra £4m more than Ellis had already budgeted before cash ran out

    I look at City as per my previous post and that is most certainly not the way the go. I am very happy to have a solid English and British Isles core (don’t forget Dunne and Collins)because when football blows up and it will we will be in a great position.

  8. I couldn’t care less if Randy is interested in the national side. His job is to run Aston Villa. no
    more no less. But to correct someone above, yes Randy has been VERY good for the Villa, but to suggest he’s done well out of it personally is ridiculous. He’s well out of pocket!. Which just shows what a great man he is.

  9. agree AJ, I find it ludicrous that Collins said that out of Randy when personally he has ‘lost’ some £60m or more on Villa plus he is hardly a public profile.

    His whole argument it based on a journo picking out a foreign owner without doing the necessary research

  10. I gotta disagree…… Randy might be a top bloke, but he bought Villa to make money. Be all and end all. Hes a business man. Hes in at Villa to make him a tin pot of cash, if people believe otherwise then theyre a bit deluded.

    Donated £5m to an Art Gallery – smacks to me of a corporate tax fiddle.

    Yes we have a solid british core, but thats down to the Manager not Randy – he wouldnt care if we finished top 6 with a team of nigerians..

    dont get carried away with all the PR that comes out of the club……..

  11. Adam, just how is Randy making money out of Villa ?

  12. You have to put in money to make money. He has lost 60m, but he’s also stopped the transfer funding. Why is that? We’ve generated a great population of fans, we’re so close to a top spot which would need about 50m more from him, and he closes his wallet? Get’s a 20m sponsor instead of keeping the charity? That shows he’s here for money. Raise the profile of the club and you make a ton of money.

  13. Adrew, where is the evidence he has stopped funding transfers, nothing has happened yet

  14. If you think Aston Villa make Randy any
    money you’re off your head. You just need to read the annual accounts to see that. Even the likes of Abromovitch doesn’t make any money. The outgoings in the PL are way to high to be a money spinner

  15. Andrew must be one of these folks with inside knowledge that even Randy doesn’t know about. Because last time Randy commented on transfer funds he made it quite clear funds were there for O’Neill as always. But I’m sure he knows different.

  16. If Randy was in it to make money them why would he of given up the sponsorship to Acorns in the first place? Wake up retard!

  17. Instead of Randy just having the Acorns name on their shirt and no money. Randy has insisted that the new sponsor also become a partner of Acorns which instead of just bringing knowledge to Acorns it brings them money. In which i think this is a better deal all around for Acorns!

  18. […] Patrick Collins has it so WRONG about Randy Lerner Patrick Collins of the Sunday Mail is a writer I greatly admire and many times totally agree with but in […] […]

  19. well for a start, all the money hes pumped in, isnt a gift – its a loan which we pay back with interest…… so, there is one way hes gonna make money !!

    he doesnt give us money for the love, hes loaned us money to raise our profile – with the goal of making him cash !!

  20. you guys are being way too sensitive about this. Lerner is a businessman, of course, just as EVERY OTHER OWNER OF EVERY OTHER CLUB is a businessperson. Get over it. The point is, it is in their best interest for the team to do well, just like it is ours. Randy wants to invest, but he also wants a return on his investment. That’s life. He want’s whats best for the club, be grateful you have an owner who actually enjoys what he does, helped turn your club around, and is doing everything he can to keep it going in my opinion. The management have the say on the players, so don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

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