Germany do it with youngsters, MON please take note

Anyone who would have seen Germans demolitions and stroll through this World Cup would have been very impressed as the youth of their team and the togetherness of it. A major reason for this that they decided to ditch some of the older players and bring in the core of a successful U21 squad. Because the players were used to playing together and winning this breeds a team and winning ethic which is clear for all to see.

The lessons of this for MON and Villa are clear to see.

At our youth level we have such a successful team that they with luck could have won all before them but they came up together are very much together and have the winning mentality this breeds. Then of course add this to the exuberance of youth and that is a winning formula.

Villa are now in a critical phase of our development under Randy and MON it is clear the wage bill is as large as it can get and probably needs to be brought down, it is also clear that Milner will go. Milner should be the basis of what we build our team on and with him possibly leaving it is now time to look at the youth to provide what I was saying about Germany above.

We all know what Hansen said after we destroyed Man U in 1995 and he was proved wrong then and no manager should be afraid to play the youngsters. I ask MON to look at our quality youngsters and make a choice which is difficult and would be very brave and decide that if we need quality replacements the kids in Clark, Delf and especially Albrighton should be given the chance first.

After all how do we know how good they will be until they actually get a chance, I would be very unhappy indeed if we brought any new players that would block these three.

15 comments on “Germany do it with youngsters, MON please take note

  1. Not a bad idea too be honest, but the thing is, is that we need a poacher and creative midfielder with Milner leaving (who isn’t a central player). Delf is no doubt a very very good young prospect and could easily feature in the 2014 WC, but this comes with rotation. We should get a striker and sell Heskey off. Delf can play in the cup games, pre-season games and the games against Newcastle, West Bromich, Blackpool, West Ham and the likes, while we need that clinical striker against the Blackburns, Boltons and whatnot because they’re quality teams. Blackburn and West Ham were games we should have won but didn’t which cost us the CL spot. Out playing Liverpool at home and not scoring cost us a CL spot. I have full faith in Delf and I know he’ll become a world class striker, but he’s not it yet and CL is what we need.

  2. totally agree he might not be ready but he should be 3/4th choice forward, we do not need the two players some say

    Heskey goes just one in

    Heskey and Carew goes then maybe still the two

    what we should not do is to block them, for instance no right winger, Albrighton should be good enough as FIRST choice and a back up to him.

  3. Whoa, new funky site format!

    Agreed, I want to see more of Albrighton.
    The best crosser we have imo, especially at pace.
    I suspect it’s why he can’t get a start, because Carew or Heskey can’t keep up and Gabby isn’t quite there yet.
    That’s where Ash has a big advantage.
    He can slow it down, cut in and look for the cross (with varying degrees of sucess).

    I’ve been speaking to a few Derby fans of late and they keep mentioning how MON brings young kids through.
    I’ve not had the heart to say it’s not particularly true, down the Villa at least.

    • got bored of the old site, was a bit boring so spent time watching Germany win trying to find a new design. as this site is not self hosted found it a bit difficult but given limited options think this does look good.

      interesting ideas on how we play and I agree which is why Gabby has to become the MAIN CF

      As for the youth I think MON likes to ease them in he mentioned it when he was forced to start Gabby but I suspect he loves his attitude. But he has said enough times now how good they are, actions to back that up.

  4. Would love Albrighton and Delfouneso a run against lesser teams, especially in the premiership. No point in having any youth players if they never get tested in the league.

    If Milner does leave we will need to replace with a quality cm capable of unlocking teams at home that come and park the bus. That is one plus point of him going as however good he is he isn’t an Arteta and this is what we are missing.

    • agree HV and we have no one capable of doing that at the club and along with a RB and forward (if anyone leaves) is the number one issue

      Is Keane the answer🙂

  5. Besides the youngsters you’ve mentioned, I think Weimann has got every chance of making it and he can keep up with Albrighton too.

  6. Weimann I left out because not sure I can quite class him as ready yet though I think he is fantastic.

  7. Yes we do have a player who can open up defences -Barry Bannan. He is the player who has led the youth and league teams to their successes. Yes he is small. but so were Cowans/Cropley/Bremner et al but he can beat a man easily, picks a beautiful pass, the five yarder his speciality, that splits defences. Put a hard man beside him, and let him create, no one ever said Charlton was hard but Stiles next to him was!

    Yes give the kids a chance, if they dont make it then get rid. I would be more than happy to see a team like this devlop over acouple of seasons, what’s acouple more after 60 already1

  8. O’Neills problem has always been negativity. He’s a negative thinker. What O’Neill needs from Randy Lerner is assurances that if he goes down the route of using youngsters he will be given time to get it right. How many Villa fans would put up with that though. That’s a question for the fans of this great club. I would be willing 2 wait and see how many of our youngsters are capable. If that is the route O’Neill and Lerner want to go down then they should be open and honest with the fans and tell em that our youth policy is going to be a massive part of our future success and then bring the best young players from ENG and EUROPE to our club. I say it again, I would be very happy to see our best young players given a chance from the beginning of next season. We have a lot of good players coming thru but we also need to find the future Cesc Fabregas’ and Ozils of this world. We are a big club with the right infrastructure in place with BODYMOOR so we have to sell it round EUROPE & SOUTH AMERICA.

  9. Agreed astonmichael
    I’m totally willing to let the youth play, but we do need 2-3 certain players. Starters especially at RB, Creative midfielder and a poacher. Getting rid of fringe players suck as Sidwell, Beye and Young would let Lichaj back up as RB and Bannan back up as Central midfielder. Albrighton could show Downing how to play as a winger too. Beat your man and cross. I believe we could easily turn this into a top 4 team with just 3 simple signings. I’d love for Cueller to start over Collins centrally. We also need to find a back up LB seeing Shorey wants to leave badly and Bouma’s already gone. So about 4 players brought in. I like having Petrov as captain. He brought the maturity and kept the pace slow or fast depending on what was needed. He’s not the best, not a goal scorer like in the SPL, but he’s still our Captain. I’d also rather keep Reo-Coker and loan out Davies as I think Davies can easily become the next Terry, Ferdinand or Ledley King of Villa Park. He’s got all the tools to be a great Central Defender, all he needs is to find the form. 1 season and he’ll find it guaranteed.

  10. This German team was supposed to be put together for the future and wasn’t expected to do well in this tournament so god help us in 4 years time .

  11. BTW the site looks great

  12. When Man Utd “did it with youngsters” they also had Peter Schmeichel in goal, Pallister and Bruce at the centre of their defence, Ryan Giggs on the wing and Cantona and Andy Cole up front plus Roy Keane in midfield. Adding youngsters alongside a group like this for a whole season in the PL is a liitle different from doing it for 6 weeks in the summer. I do agree that MON appears to be afraid to give the young players experience – when does he use the opportunity to bring one on as a sub with 15-20 minutes to go?

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