Milner for £28m – done deal – MYSTERYMAN

Mysteryman on Villatalk is someone I have the ultimate respect for and I believe when he speaks he speaks with authority and his ITK’s are something we should listen to

So on VT in regards to Milner he has just posted

Not from the Villa so it’s not cast iron but from the City end at the Belfry today at the Alex Ferguson Golf day are saying it’s 28 mill done deal now with City . We will see but I am not surprised at all

This ties in with a couple of reports in last nights papers as well but it has to be said it is reported that James Milner is now on holiday.

Whilst I understand some saying we should not be a selling club is £28m for Milner really a deal we should turn down ?

Time will tell of course !

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28 comments on “Milner for £28m – done deal – MYSTERYMAN

  1. Sell Milner, and we are officially a selling club.

    We should then sell Gabby for another offer we can’t refuse, then Collins and Dunn on a buy one get one free.

    While we are at it, lets sell the car park outside the Holte end, get a few houses on there, oh, and the Holte pub could be thrown in with that, would make a decent mosque.

    With the money accumulated, we could buy Heskey’s brother, cousin, and grandad!


  2. […] Milner for £28m – done deal – MYSTERYMAN Mysteryman on Villatalk is someone I have the ultimate respect for and I believe when he speaks he speaks with […] […]

  3. “Crap. How can we expect to improve if we will sell our best player before each season? First Barry, now Milner.”

    Far to reliant on him. Get a central creative player, Boussoufa, Rakitic, VDV or someone like that who costs a third of what he is going to be sold for and we’ll be fine. He makes 2-3 good passes each game but he’s not the creative spark we truly need. I would love for us to sell Downing and put Milner back out on the Right where he’s more useful, but if Milner is sold, we’re not dead in the water. I’d also like to see Gary Gardner brought up before we lose him too. He’s a very very good youngster and can score too. Creative and technical with great vision. Should be used more often.

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