SPECULATION: Connor Wickham is a target

This time this it is not speculation from any newspaper but an ITK rumour I have heard from three sources but backed up the strongest by lets call him ‘Paul Smith’.

Paul claims to know several of the Ipswich Youth team that plays and played with Connor Wickham who at 17 is gaining a growing reputation for his fledging performances for Ipswich in the championship and at England U-17 level where he helped us to win the European Under 17 championships.

We were linked to him last season and a possible loan back to Ipswich was mentioned and also he has been linked heavily with Spurs for £6m. In press dispatches he has been likened to Alan Shrearer at the same age which from the bits I have seen of Wickham on TV is not an unfair comparison.

Anyway, Paul Smith says through his ITK he is aware that Villa have approached Ipswich with a deal and Wickham advisor who is his Dad is quite interested in the move as it would be a loan back deal which is very attractive to Connor.

Please do not shoot the messenger I have been told this information and the latest confirmation was enough to post this blog entry.

3 comments on “SPECULATION: Connor Wickham is a target

  1. Really, MON must do better… not news. Youth team squad.

    • Don’t want us to build for the future then? Bit short sighted that. And if he’s good enough he would be knocking on the door of the first team within a few seasons.

      • Of course I want us building for the future, what I mean is that this is not news, and we need first teamers.

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