North Stand Redevelopment Pictures – UPDATE

Been to Villa Park earlier and work is progressing on the new entrance to R block and the first signs about what a possible new North stand will look like. Most of the horrible cladding has now gone and so has the TV screen backing up the story on Villatalk that there will be a walkway from the North Stand to the Witton as you can see from the scaffolding.

The first set of pictures are HERE

9 comments on “North Stand Redevelopment Pictures – UPDATE

  1. come on .build a master piece..claret and blue till death

  2. I thought we were going to get a new north stand. I know money’s tight but it is an eyesore, that North stand. Can’t wait 4 nxt season 2 begin. Any news of the MILNER situation mateys???Is he staying or going. We need to know soon so we can get some players in 4 nxt season….Shame about DELPH’ injury last term. HOPE HE RECOVERS WELL AND SOON. WE NEED HIM FIT AND STRONG. hOPE HE BULKS UP A BIT THO. COULD DO WITH SOME MUSCLE IN MIDFIELD!

  3. Just the first stage mate, expect the major redevelopment work to start next summer

  4. Last year we didnt even fill Villa Park half the time… so this seems a bit pointless to be honest. Though a good looking stadium does attract bigger players i guess.

  5. i’m not even sure what the heck they are planning im confused tbh.. you cant start building something fancy just to have it replaced again or is this the first stage of the whole re development? i’m sure i aint the only one who HATES the north stand and would love it to be taken down and have the corners filled in.

  6. it is the first stage, they will knock down the North and leave what is built in place

  7. up the villa gd idea for the north stand , just make sure we have a gd team to match the stadium.

  8. Any new pictures? If you get a chance to stick some up it would be brilliant. Thank you.

  9. Macca, will try this weekend

    I have a life:-)

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