FxPro, a perfect fit for Villa

Following on from yesterday’s announcement a lot of people are unclear as to what FxPro are and what the company is like.

Various google searches have shown nothing on the web which can be interpreted as a negative against the company and we know Randy is very concerned to be a partner with a ‘proper company’.

However maybe this paragraph below from their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) page indicates why they are the perfect fit after Acorns.

We have been actively involved with several registered charities – both on a local basis in a country where we have a presence, as well as on an international basis – and we are working to change the lives of children in need. We believe all children and young people have unique potential and that they should have the support and opportunities they need to reach it. FxPro hopes to help children develop within their communities through support in activities relating to education, food and better living conditions.

Almost the perfect fit after Acorns because it seems they have a company ethos that does care and are willing to share with Acorns. This partnership as Villa call it, not sponsorship, could prove to be very lucrative for all the parties concerned.

4 comments on “FxPro, a perfect fit for Villa

  1. ha ha you sad vilers, you rejoice at this when the china army are on the the march

    • Stop chatting shit savage, remember what happened last time you came out with this sort of rubbish?

      • Yeah Savage, give them a break, they need something to feel good about while all the players will be leaving this Summer. They can’t really rejoice about the signing of Zigic can they haha

  2. Just wait to the next Villa, Blues game. More 80+ minute misery for you. And another moan from the blue noses.

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