EXCLUSIVE: New Villa Sponsor FxPro – Looks Good

I just had this photo sent of the new Villa Sponsor, it looks geninue to me (not an obvious Photoshop), but don’t shoot me if it is fake !!!

Is this geninue ?

EDIT : If this makes a difference but I was told this was taken on a camera phone and hence not the best picture quality. The person who took this photo assures me it is real.

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59 comments on “EXCLUSIVE: New Villa Sponsor FxPro – Looks Good

  1. sotv, veeeeeeeeeela. etc. To steal someone elses quote from above. You sir are an arsehole. Acorns have benefited greatly from their association with Villa. What have the shower of shite you support done for anyone outside your insular little world of hate and envy? You shouldn’t really be accusing Villa of a lack of class when you have never had any yourself.

    • haha I can just hear you getting worked up, do you sit in the Holte end? I can just imagine your voice reaching that high pitched squeal that comes from the holte end from time to time when you’re winning.

  2. Boys. just ignore, the incestuous, goat shagging, knuckledragging inbreds from small heath. they are all scum, that slurp cum.

  3. just to clear this all up guys otherwise it will go on forever, this is a real villa top for next season but it is the 3rd kit, the away top for next season will be the old black 3rd kit we had with fxpro written on it and claret and blue chequered up the sides and for the home kit, last seasons top, new sponsor of fxpro and claret and blue chequered up the sides, first impressions it looks a bit shit, but you get used to it, would rather wear it than any blues tops :-p SOTC, sorry if your dissapointed but thats how it is, if i can i’ll try and sneak some pics from the advertising flyer.

  4. Hi Mate, if you could find a picture and e-mail me it I would be grateful.

  5. We r just like little girls fretting over a new school uniform.we really are sad pathetic losers that need to get a life

  6. To be fair its a lot better than the baby pink and powder blue tat we usually have to walk around in.I reckon this new shirt will look great with heskey printed on the back,it looks nothing like a pyjama top.

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