North Stand redevelopment pictures

The first stage of the redevelopment of the North Stand has begun with the rebuilding of the R block entrance as the OS announced here. I have took the following pictures today when I went down to the club shop and they show that the construction is not purely cosmetic but a total re-design of the entrance.

On H&V ‘villa1’ went down on the tour and said

Was on a ground tour today. They had started taking seats out of the lower North where it curves round to meet the Witton. They had also completely removed the TV screen, leaving only the framework.

Apparently they are going to remove the framework too, and the executive box below it, and replace it all with a ‘glass walkway’. The guide said that was all he’d heard and that he didn’t know exactly what it was going to look like, although it should be finished for the start of the new season.

I was not able to get inside today to take photo’s from the inside so if anyone have any please let me know but what is strange I can not see any planning permission for this on Birmingham council’s planning site.

Will update this as the redevelopment goes on

A reminder of how it looks now in that corner from the tour a year ago

18 comments on “North Stand redevelopment pictures

  1. It must be the ugliest stand in english football.. lol I just hope they get cracking with knocking it down and creating ‘corners’.. But wouldnt that make the holt look out of place.. hmm we’ve got two brilliant stands in the holt end and trinity road only if they were connected.. I wish carlsberg would design our stadium, it would be the best football stadium in the world :L

    btw a glass walkway? what does that even mean?

  2. Never connect the Holte Jason, the majesty of it is that it is a stand alone stand

    think the glass walkway is a favourite of American stands where they are allowed to drink on them and watch the game, not possible of course at VP

    but would be a unique feature in English footaball

  3. Thanks for these pictures! Please keep us fans who live miles away updated with the progress…it is much appreciated.

  4. thats the idea mate, many are probably not even aware this is happening.

  5. So.. will the north stand fully wrap around and connect with the Doug Ellis and the Trinity Road stand? Is that the plan? I remember seeing pictures of what it will look like a while ago but cant find them. Can anyone post a link for me? Cheers..

  6. Having supported Villa for more than 40 years I do not understand why the club continues to tinker with the stadium rather than develop a real vision for a 21st century. I never expected more from Ellis whose commercial prowess only stretched to running a dodgy coach firm, however, I had hoped for real thought leadership from Randy Learner. Doesn’t anyone at Villa Park look at the fabulous stadiums around Britain, Europe and the US and just dream about what could be. I yearn for us to move on and create a new golden era to rival the achievements of McGregor et al and one of prerequisites is a ‘stage fit for giants’.

    • @northender

      This is about as much as they can possibly do with VP, without it being tacky.

      I personally think it’s going to look amazing and in Villa tradition.

    • NE, the problem is we are restricted by the site ad especially the Witton Lane

      I really wished that Lerner had been here when the future planning of VP had to happen but it was Left to Ellis and his miss mash of stands.

      Back then the vision could have been moving to the star City site before the present stuff was built there.

      However I like VP because it is not your boring identikit stadium nor the souless bowl of Old Trafford, it has something special and these plans should only compliment that

  7. […] North Stand redevelopment pictures The first stage of the redevelopment of the North Stand has begun with the rebuilding of the R block entrance as the OS […] […]

  8. I might be alone, and no doubt I haven’t supported Villa as long as some of you may have done, but I genuinely hope we never leave Villa Park.

    One of the things I’m most proud of is our history, and our Stadium is a huge part of that for me.

    I’m confident that Lerner and Co will get it bang-on. I get the impression that he lives and breathes Villa as much as we all do.

    Cheers for the updates though Ianrobo:)

    • I agree Nel, but back in the mid 90’s if Ellis had done a proper plan of the ground the case for moving to Star City would have been strong.

      As it is I am very happy to stay where we are whith an owenr clearly in line with our historic roots.

  9. Does it mean that thos horrible boxes in the corner will go? And the police observation box?

    Sincerely hope so – they’re the worst thing about VP.

  10. Comments suggesting a new complete ground are barmy. The stadium is a huge part of the tradition of the club and is what makes us the great club we are today. All away fans appreciate our great stadium and slowly but surely Randy will get it looking the best stadium in the country. Looking forward to walking through the new entrance to R block and seeing what they’ve done with the stand.

  11. This is not the “redevelopment” we are all awaiting guys. This is purely refurb not extension. An effective “cosmetic” job.

  12. I believe Lee this is Stage 1 of the redevelopment, remeber we cancelled the olympics because the developments would take a number of summers and they are not spending this money to do this only to knock it down in a couple of years.

    It matches up with the pictures released for the 2018 WC bid

  13. […] first set of pictures are HERE #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: […]

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