Speculation – Possible new Villa Sponsor, is it FXPro

The word on the street or otherwise known as ITK’s (In the Know’s) is that Acorns this year will not be the name on Villa’s shirt’s and that we will be having new sponsor for the following season.

Well the rumours have started, as posted earlier on rumour going around was TATA, well on Villatalk, ‘Benevans’ (an ITK claim) has posted this

We have found a sponsor…Not saying any more.

And the third kit will be last seasons away, as expected pretty much.

It’s not someone you’ll have heard of. Think we’re due to find out next week.

Guess I’m just being a bit mischievous! And just wanted to let people know that we’re not going to be with Acorns next year, that’s all.

It’s a financial company, that’s all you’re getting!

As far as I know I don’t think they’ve been on any other team’s shirt before.

Shortly afterwards, Lexicon posted this from another forum which provided the name

It’s FXPro apparently.

And rallying as well by the looks of things. I just read that info on another forum (possibly F365) but their logo is dead basic so could look good on the kit. I’m guessing they’d use it in white.

FxPro fits the model of what Benevans said, a little known name (they do sponsor Virgin F1) in the financial industry. They are based in the US who deal in financial trading and maybe want to spread their profile especially in the Far East where the PL obviously has a large influence.

FxPro Website

Their logo is simple and would easily fit on our shirts.

15 comments on “Speculation – Possible new Villa Sponsor, is it FXPro

  1. Bloody hell Ian, who wants to speculate about a possible sponsor?

    How about this for some speculation?

    “The much-travelled Huntelaar cost just under £15million from Real Madrid a year ago. But despite being considered one of Holland’s finest front men the Italians feel he had an indifferent first season with seven goals in 21 appearances”.

    Apparently Spuds are after him.
    An indifferent 1 in 3?

    No worries, we have Heskey, who’s scored 1 in….

    Oh shit 😦

    And we’re looking at er, who?

    I hope MON pulls something out of the bag.

    • martin..o neil…nedds 2 sing some players now an not 2 days before the kick off again,,it needs 2 happin now…an if we do sell james millner 2 city for..30 millon..id bite there hand of for that ???? give us 20 millon an wrighy phillips….an then mon..go an bye robbie keane for 10 millon jeans fof 6 or 7.. seell a few of or fringe players,,an bye some 1or 2 more top top players ..an we will be in a healthy er.. place the last year..an with,,it…not havein had 2 spend 2 much money eiter…go for it mon,,???

  2. easy tiger, transfer speculation will come tonight !

  3. Badger,

    Why post speculation that anyone can find on Newsnow, ahead of the type of thing thats rarely seen written about on the internet?

    This is all about how how much money we’ll be making off our sponsors each year, and in turn – how much money we’ll have for transfers! A sponsor isnt ‘just’ about the money either, a big name on your jersey is a status symbol.

    To be honest, i find this a LOT more interesting than the 200 random names we have thrown at us everyday as possible transfers.

    Cheers ian…

  4. that is what I try and do Aero, a lot of the stuff of forums does not get out, most is BS but some is not

    I do plenty of the transfer and factual stuff, all part of it.

  5. ian…can you repost the thread that had the 3 new shirts on plz,,,,,,

  6. Ian ignore the haters! This kind if thing is always madly speculated on the forums and the fans are interested.

  7. exactly Ricky, that is all I am doing with this blog, just to provide my own insight into Villa world and open the debate up to more people.

    I got blamed for the MON thing but it was out there being discussed on forums in pubs, we should not be afraid to bring these things out.

  8. FxPro ?? never heard of them but if they stump up the cash I am not to worried. Is a financial business the way forward after the recent meltdown ??? Would have liked to see Tata on the shirt, local links to Tata what with them make Jag and all………..now all we need is a leaked away shirt that is out the 29th isnt it ???

  9. FxPro doesn’t appear to be US-based… Cypriot actually.

  10. http://www.Fxpro.com – yep its certanly them, look how marketing active they are. seen couple times their ads over the internet. glad that villa finally got someone reasonable(not that i disliked acorns of course)

  11. FxPro are a financial services company based in cyprus with offices reprasentitive offices in + MADRID, NICE, VIENNA, LONDON ATHENS AND MOSCOW + with the hq being in Cyprus + from what i have heard it is a multi million pound company touchin the billion pound status + owned by a russian. Not only do they sponsor the F1 which requires big bucks they also sponsor the WRC.

    To me all of the above sound like were in for another good season lads with possibly a big transfer kitty.

  12. Despite how “marketing active” FXPro may be, clearly their focus is more on offline advertising. When we approached them to advertise on one of the most well-known forex news websites: http://forexnewsnow.com, they did not seem to show much interest despite the fact that most of their competitors advertise on the site.

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