VILLA – James Milner MUST stay

I posted a month or so back why James Milner must stay at Villa


and now we have today further stories from the papers that Man City, the nouveau rich club where money is not equating to class and style (headline from their OS) is considering a £24m initial. Now whilst they are allowed to do this their whole approach is discreditable and designed to rush James into making a quick decision before the World Cup starts and no one can do a deal during this.

I will repeat what I said here.

Milner is our future and we have to simply do everything we can to keep him at Villa Park. He is in my book the best player at the club and the heartbeat of the team. No matter what money or players that Man City offer we can not afford to let him go.

When Barry was sold the situation was different in my view at 29 we had seen the best days of him at VP and subsequent performances only went on to prove this. Milner at 24 has still 4/5 years at his peak and whilst if Man Utd were sniffing around I could understand the attraction to move, why move to City now with all kinds of uncertainty over the manager’s future, Milner saw this at Newcastle and Leeds.

No one at VP, Randy, MON, players or the fans wants James to leave, his best prospects still continue to be at a club which transformed his whole career by switching positions and we showed we can challenge.

Lets just show the rest of the football world we mean business with James leading from the front because there is no better player to do that.

Because if we do not then I am afraid we will not suceed like we all want us to, not least Randy and MON.

A reminder of what said about Milner and staying at Villa

“No, I’m not worried about losing James Milner,” said Lerner. “I think James Milner will play for Aston Villa and should play for Aston Villa.

“I’m not dismissive of the realities that a player that has received the attention and acclaim of James Milner is going to spark discussion and debate about a move. But I’ve kind of lived through that and as I’ve had more experience I see those realities play out in front of me.

“The answer is ‘No’ I don’t worry about him leaving because he is wanted at this club. I think he has a role. He contributes superbly well.”

6 comments on “VILLA – James Milner MUST stay

  1. This is the time for Randy and/or Martin to issue the same kind of rebuff which was issued linking O’Neill to Liverpool. A straightforward – “He’s under contract to us and not for sale at any price” would do.

    Losing Millie would set us back dreadfully.

  2. It would mate and not sure from Lerner’s comments just posted if that shuts it down completely

    you know what I almost hope that James picks up a small injury in training that keeps him out of the world cup

    because when he plays like Platt before him, he will star and a lot more will want him

  3. I think O’Neill missed a trick by not negiotating Milners new contract prior to the world cup. If the lad gets his opportunity, which if you listen to Capello he surely will – then we’re gonna have one hell of a battle on our hands to keep him.
    We just can’t compete when the bigger boys come knocking for our talent and unless Lerner changes his stance on the clubs finances then this will always be the case – whilst he owns the club.

  4. Don’t get me wrong, I love Milner, but we should be able to get at least close to 40 mill off the arabs. Going by what they paid for Lescott, a totally average defender, we could probably even get more. So while I agree with the sentiments about Milner being the heartbeat and the best player in the team. Wouldn’t you take a deal such as 35m + SWP + Ireland? I would, that would give us 20 m to buy a quality striker we so badly need, a 15 m midfielder and whatever else Randy chucks into the coffers that will buy the likes of hopefully Carlton Cole or Rodallega to replace the sack of crap Heskey. It would be a loss to lose Milner, but if it gives us the cash to buy a few quality players then i say do it

  5. Selling Milner is a big NO!

    If he is allowed to leave, there will be uproar from the supporters,

    And, if it did happen, what would we get in his place? Some cheapo buys not worth tying the laces of Milner, the money will be wasted.

  6. the last two posts encapsulates the problem over this, at which level is the offer too big. Well if Lescott is worth £24m to City that is the base line, so a deal min value of £35m before we even think about and pushing towards £40m

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