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View from the North Stand – Rob’s end of season rant, forum posters beware

So after missing out on the fabled 4th place thanks to defeat at Manchester City, Villa were left with the not too difficult task of securing sixth spot ahead of Liverpool. To do that all we had to do was beat Blackburn (again)……..but you know Villa. It was like a replay of game number one against Wigan. Ineptness supreme. Should still have won it, but when they scored on 83 we all knew it was game over. Luckily, Liverpool are even more inept as they could only gain a point at Hull, meaning 6th was ours. And that was it for another season………it’s been mostly excellent, shame we had to sign off so fucking hopelessly.


Chelsea and Man Ure have really been the shit we can’t shake off our shoe this season. Apart from the well documented Wembley defeats, and the embarrasing 7-1 at Wankford Bridge, Chelsea beat Villa in the FA Youth Cup final, 2-1 over 2 legs. And the reserves lost the Premier Reserve Play Off at Mold Trafford on penalties, despite leading 3-2 with 2 minutes to play. What a bunch of bastards.


Oh gawd……the fan forums are already swamped with speculation about summer transfers. There are some muppets who will spend the next 3 months in these inane threads, typing out wish lists and claiming we have “x million” to spend, when in reality they know fuck all, just like you and me. Very, very boring and a must to avoid. Unless you pop in every now and again to take the piss of course.


Randy Lerner held a rare press conference yesterday, and I’m thankful that he has in a matter of seconds put a few rumours to bed that the doomsayers would have been spouting all summer.
1. Milner is going nowhere – hoorah!
2. The manager is staying – hoorah!
3. Money will be available – hoorah!
4. North Stand to be redeveloped – hoorah!

Anyone that picks negatives out of that lot really needs a length of rope and a stool.


It also seems apparent that Villa are “transfer listing” Luke Young, Curtis Davies, NRC, Sidwell, Shorey and Beye.
Not happy about losing NRC or Young……..and it doesn’t seem sensible to sell the only two right backs at the club at the same time. MO’N obviously intends to leave Cuellar The Beard in that position (that’ll annoy a few people!!). Still, if we replace the outgoing players with new players of better quality then no one will be complaining. Take note, Mr O’Neill!


Not much going on regarding the Villa, but we have sent a strong squad over to compete in the Hong Kong Sevens ( a competition we’ve won on 4 occasions). Villa got through the first three games with 2 wins and a draw and progress to the next stage. small heath are in it as well (fuck knows why) so I hope we draw them and give them the usual hammering.


So Chelsea completed the first “double” in their history when beating Pompey 1-0 in the FA Cup final. But those two teams fans apart, did anyone give a flying fuck about the final this year? It must have had the lowest viewing figures of all time. Someone really needs to break the stranglehold the “Sky 3” have got on the trophies (yes, Liverplop arent in it anymore and Spuds arent going to stay there).

Well it seems the young Villans lifted the Hong Kong 7’s trophy for the fifth time with a 3-2 win over Glasgow Rangers in the final. Marc Albrighton (2) and Delfoneso were on target in the final………that news was gleaned from the VillaTalk site – the useless Villa OS havent got any details apart from the scorelines of all our ties, and thats almost 24 hours after the fact. Looks like small heath fell by the wayside, as per usual, hahahahaaa.


Latest ludicrous rubbish from the fansites……….”Carlton Cole is a bargain at £10 million”………..”Daniel Sturridge is a quality goalscorer”………are these people on fucking drugs or WHAT?????


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